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Green Eye Theme: Want to delete "Edit this Entry" from pages and dot in slider

Front Page D5 Creation Forum General Support Green Eye Theme: Want to delete "Edit this Entry" from pages and dot in slider

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    Michael Kleiner

    I’m finishing re-contenting of my web site, staying with the Green Eye theme. There are a few odds and ends to clean up. The URL is http://www.kleinerprweb.com.
    1. There is an “Edit this Entry” at the bottom of the pages, except Home and Blog pages. I want to delete it.
    2. In the Slider, previously a Read More button appeared, where you could click and go to that page. I wanted to delete that. I think I was trying the Read More buttons in General Options about the blogs. Now, a green dot appears instead of the Read More. I don’t want the green dot either.
    3. At the same time, a Read More icon that appeared under excerpts in blogposts no longer appears. I have hyperlinked Read More text. “Some Words and Read More button in blog page” is checked in Green Eye Options>General Options.
    4. The testimonial scroll was previously centered at bottom of home page, but is now left.

    I have screen shots of the Green Eye Options settings and what is seen on the pages.

    Thank you.

    Michael Kleiner
    [email protected]

    D5 Creation

    Green Eye Version

    You are using the Version 1.9 when the latest version is 2.7
    Users should use the Latest Version always because We update our Themes according to the updates of WordPress Core

    Edit This Entry is not available to your visitors. This is only visible when you are logged in as an Administrator

    Michael Kleiner

    Thanks for the reply. I renewed one theme and downloaded green-eye-extend, but the installation failed twice. Do I have to uninstall the previous version? Will my current design be effected by the new version? I won’t have to start over?

    Michael Kleiner

    D5 Creation

    Please find This Tutorial: https://d5creation.com/themeupdate

    WordPress Contents are stored in a MySQL Database, not in any Theme Files. So, Changing Themes, Updating Themes, Removing Themes don’t remove any Data.

    For removing the Read More link from the Slider, Please download the Latest Version again even you already downloaded, Update your site and Leave the Image Link field blank from WP-Admin > Appearance > GREEN EYE Options > Slider

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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