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Front Page D5 Creation Forum General Questions HOW TO SETUP "NEWSPRESS EXTEND"

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    Nyoman Kastana

    Halo…, any body can help me to setup this THEME “NEWSPRESS EXTEND”

    Now I am working with the NEWSPRESS theme, do you have any tutorial how to setup or manage this theme, or could you please help me for below problem:

    1. I want to remove both advertisement column on header and move the LOGO to the left side, please help?
    2. I can’t find where I can select to move the side bar to the left side instead of right side?
    3. And the slide on front page is not working?
    4. How to activate to mobile friendly ?

    Please kindly assist for above questions, thank you so much for assist.

    D5 Creation

    Please read all of This Thread First

    1. You can remove the Ads from Wp-Admin > Appearance > NewsPress Options > Advertisements. You can shift the Logo using This Tutorial . You will find the Instructions Here, too. You can also set Show 100% Width Logo from NewsPress Options > General Options and can set a Width Image where the logo will be placed in Left.

    2. Unlike Most of our Extended Themes NewsPress Extend doesn’t have the option to shift the Sidebar from Right to Left. But you can still do it following This Tutorial

    3. Slide must Work if you have enough and Set them to be shown in the Slide

    NewsPress Options

    4. You can Activate the Responsive Layout from NewsPress Options > General Options

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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