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image slide not centering on mobile

Front Page D5 Creation Forum General Questions image slide not centering on mobile

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    tyrone binder

    so ive tried various commands to get the position: absolute; in the slide {} and no matter what i try it does not center on mile. If i change the absolute to anything else the first image in the slide is centered, the second is centered, but the second images top margin drops down the middle of the page. I heard that this is fixed in the pro version, but i don’t see what the difference would be.. Is this done to force people buying the pro version.. if it is then its poor business practice and i think it would be fair it get corrected on the free version.

    D5 Creation

    Which theme are your using among our 41 themes and what is the site url? We expect that users will know about us before blaming our service. A Free Theme is the efforts of many sleepless night of our developers. Your inspirations will encourage them. All of our users are happy with our service and products.

    marv alpert

    what is the size of the slider in SIMPLIFY? what enhancements are in the EXTENDED version of SIMPLIFY? how much is it for 1 license for 2+

    D5 Creation

    You will find the recommended size in the Appearance > Simplify Options.

    Please find the Simplify Theme page and Membership page for details.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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