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NewsPress Extend Front Page Gallery Format Options

Front Page D5 Creation Forum General Support NewsPress Extend Front Page Gallery Format Options

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    I have thoroughly read through your post regarding the formatting of the page/gallery. I’m not confused as to how to create a gallery, but more concerned with the way it is displayed on the front page.

    The titles are jumbled up, and the slider either does not show images, or severely distorts the images to fit the space. Is there a way to format the Gallery Block so that it looks a little nicer/cleaner?

    My website is thebashfeed.com


    D5 Creation

    We visited your site but didn’t find any running gallery. You can style any elements of our Themes following This Tutorial. The Gallery Title should be smaller. We may show you two high traffic sites who are managing NewsPress features without any issues, SITE 01 and SITE 02


    I’m referring to the section directly above “Editors Choice” section. We have one running at the moment. I’ll take a look into the tutorial. If you can offer any other insights I’d appreciate it.



    D5 Creation

    Please consider that the Container’s Width and Height are fixed. So you should use Images considering to the Width and Height. Such as you can use 572px X 364px or the same ratio image. If you want any sized image without stretching you can use the following code in the Custom Code within Head Area Box of NewsPress Options

    <style>.fpgal-image { height: auto; } </style>


    Thank you that worked. Is there a way to format the “More Galleries” area to be less cluttered. The words overlap, do I need to make the titles shorter, or can it be fixed with code?

    I appreciate all your help.


    D5 Creation

    You can make the titles shorter or reduce the font-size using the technique stated in the first reply

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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