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Not able to link “read more” or “facebook” button to a url that is not my site.

Front Page D5 Creation Forum General Support Not able to link “read more” or “facebook” button to a url that is not my site.

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    Kaleb Brooks

    Im using WP 3.5 and im using the D5 Design theme. Im very new to designing websites and WP so please forgive if this is a noob question. I have been searching this site and google for the past 2 hours and im going mad trying to figure this out. michellebrooksauthor.com
    There is my site. You can see what I mean by clicking the “visit us on facebook” button at the top.

    The problem I have is when I try to add a url (for a different site) to one of the “read more” buttons on the home page it adds http://www.mysite.com to the front of the url and I get directed to a “not found” page. For example I want to click the button and have it open up a facebook page. So I add the url http://www.facebook.com to the button. Buy when I click the button it takes me to mysite.com/www.facebook.com. How do I get it to stop adding the mysite.com to the front of the url?

    Im using the Floating Social Media Plugin and I entered my social media url’s correctly (www.twitter.com/me) but it does the same thing. if i click the “check me out on twitter” button it goes to mysite.com/www.twitter.com/me.

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