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Read More button conflicts with BBPress plugin

Front Page D5 Creation Forum General Support Read More button conflicts with BBPress plugin

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    Dianne McLean

    I want to use the Read More button from the General Options panel (using Simplify theme) for my blog to make it more streamlined. But when I turn it on, people cannot access my forums. Do you have an easy fix for this for someone who is not technical?

    D5 Creation

    Your problem is not clear. Please describe details focusing what is happening and what you want with your website url/domain. Though we didn’t find any issue with bbpress. This forum is also running on bbpress,

    Dianne McLean

    Let me try to make it more clear:

    If I have enabled the option to “Full Content on Blog Page…” then I can view my forums. I can see all of my topics and headers.

    However, when I change the setting in the Simplify Options theme, under General Options > Select the Content Type in the Blog Page
    To select this option:
    Some Words and Read More Button in the Blog Page

    …then the forums are not accessible after I make that change. If I click on the forums page on my website, I just get the opening excerpt and the “read more” button. But when I click on the “read more” button, it doesn’t take me anywhere. I can no longer access the forums from the website.

    So at the moment, I have to choose between having my main blog page look cluttered with full blog posts, or having excerpts with a read more button but not being able to access my forums.

    Therefore, your theme is conflicting with my BBPress forums plugin. Do you have a fix for this?

    D5 Creation

    This is also bbPress Forum on Modified CORPORATE Theme ( D5 Creation Site ). Are you facing any problem here? Did you set the bbPress in a Page? If you set bbPress in any Post your problem may raise. If you set any Page no problem should be present.

    Can you provide Your Site URL, One Temporary Admin ID and Password to Here so that we can check?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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