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    D5 Creation

    We believe that if you find our WordPress Themes ( https://d5creation.com/themegallery ) You will love them for your Sites. You can read our Theme Features in the Theme Page and Here https://d5creation.com/features. You can find our Theme Demos Here: http://demo.d5creation.com. You can also find all of our Free Themes at WordPress.org: https://wordpress.org/themes/author/d5creation

    All of our Themes are WordPress.org Standards. You may find all of the Free Versions at WordPress.org. Some of our users want to know the procedure of Purchasing Extended Version Themes. Extended Version Themes are the Ultimate Versions. We have only Membership Options and you can find our Memberships Plans Here: https://d5creation.com/mp

    D5 Creation Theme Price

    Do you think this a costly option than others ? Please remember that You get what you pay for. All of our Themes are Highly Qualified. You will get Awesome Support Services. And if You Take DEVELOPER or DEVELOPER PLUS Membership, a Theme will be priced Lesser than 7 USD ! Is it not Cheaper ? We promise, you will be Satisfied !

    Now you are Convinced to use our Themes in your Sites! If you want to use the Free Themes, you need not Sign Up / Register with your site. If you want to use our Extended Themes you can Sign Up/Register yourself as one of our proud Members. There are more than 40,000 Registered Members in our Site and there are more than 300,000 websites are using our Themes Worldwide. You have taken the right decision, You are in the Right Place, We shall Care You, Promise !

    What to Do ?

    1. Create a Membership

    D5 Creation Membership Creation, Sign Up

    You can Click any of These Two Links. You will be redirected to the Sign Up Page

    Sign Up D5 Creation

    You should fill up all the fields and Click Register. Please remember that The Registration E-Mail is Important. You should use the Same E-Mail during Payment. Otherwise the Membership may not be Updated Automatically after Payment. We shall update those Memberships Manually if these 02 E-Mails are different. You should also check the Captcha to prove that you are not a Robot. Now a days it is necessary to protect from Spammers.

    Registration Confirmation will be sent to your Registered E-Mail with the Password. You may not receive the Password Containing E-Mails sometimes for your Mail Provider’s settings. Some E-Mail/Hosting Providers treat those E-Mails as Spam and Block from your receiving. You should check your Bulk/Spam mail folder besides the Inbox. You can use Ggmail, Yahoo etc. to avoid this. You can change the E-Mail and Password anytime from the Profile ( https://d5creation.com/profile ) once you will log in to D5 Creation. You can also Contact Us https://d5creation.com/sales for any assistance. You can also use our Live Chat Feature.

    So, now your Registration is Complete. You are now a Free Member.

    2. Pay for your Membership Level

    We believe that you read our Membership Plans carefully and you are confirmed about your Membership Level. So, you need to Log In / Sign In to D5 Creation Site. You can do it from the Top Right Corner of D5 Creation Website.

    Sin In D5 Creation

    If you forget the Password, you can Reset the Password from here, too. For any assistance, you Contact Us anytime.

    After your Logging In you will be redirected to Your Profile Page. You can also go to the Profile Page from Here: https://d5creation.com/profile
    You can also Click Any of these as described in the Following Image

    D5 Creation Profile Page

    You will find the Membership Plans, Benefits and their Payment Buttons in This Profile Page. You can Change the E-Mail, Password, other Information from here, too.

    D5 Creation Payment Buttons

    You should Click on the Right Membership Level you want to be. You will be redirected to the 2CHECKOUT.COM Payment Page. This Page is fully Secured and Your Personal Details are Fully SAFE because it uses the Encrypted SSL Technology which is Certified by VISA, MasterCard etc. You can check those easily

    D5 Creation Secure Payment

    We don’t process any payment within our Site. We use Secure, Encrypted, SSL 2CHECKOUT.COM Payment Method. You can pay from there

    2checkout paymet for D5 Creation

    You can use your COUPON CODE Here if you have any. You may find D5 Creation COUPON CODE in various places including our site, our affiliates’ sites, in forums etc. You can also change the Language and Currency. Please Make sure to check the Quantity. It should be 1. If it is more than 1 by your mistake, we shall refund the extra. Don’t Worry Please! We shall also Refund any Duplicate / Extra Payment by your mistake.

    Click Continue to Billing Information and Fill Up the Form

    D5 Creation Billing Information

    The Information should be Genuine of the Card/PayPal Owner. Otherwise, your Payment may be Refused. We shall do nothing if your Payment be declined by 2checkout.com. You should use the Same E-Mail for the Payment as the Registration E-Mail. If it is different the Membership will be updated Manually.

    Click Continue to Payment Method. You will find 02 types of Payment Methods. You can pay either all major Credit/Debit Cards or PayPal.

    Credit Card Payment

    Fill the Card Information and Click Submit Payment. If you want to pay by PayPal you can click on the PayPal Tab and Click Continue to PayPal. Please remember that You may not find the PayPal option in your local currency. Then you should change the Currency to USD to find the PayPal Option.

    PayPal Payment D5 Creation

    This will redirect you to the PayPal Payment Page. You can Log In to your PayPal and Pay from there.

    PayPal Payment

    3. Check your Membership Level

    Payment Success D5 Creation

    After your Successful Payment you may Find This Page. You will also receive the Sales Receipt from 2checkout.com. If you require the Payment Sleep and/or Invoice, you can Generate and Print from http://www.2co.com by yourself

    Sometimes, some users find this ERROR Page

    ERROR Payment

    ERROR CODE:PE101 during Payment? Sometimes, some users may find the ERROR CODE:PE101. Normally This Error appears during the Payment. You should not click the Back Button of your Browser after Payment Submission to avoid the ERROR. This Error doesn’t mean that Your Payment was not Submitted. If you receive a Sales Receipt in your E-Mail within 2/3 minutes, that means Your Payment was Submitted and you should wait few more minutes for the Membership Confirmation E-Mail.

    You should wait 1 to 20 Minutes after Payment Submission. The Payment Processor 2CHECKOUT.COM checks the FRAUD STATUS after Payment Submission. This process may take several minutes ( 2-20 minutes ). This is done to ensure your security so that no unauthorized person can use your payment method. After Passing the FRAUD TEST successfully the Membership changes automatically. So, please wait few minutes after your Payment. If it takes longer than usual to update your Membership you should Contact Us. Please don’t press the Back Button of the browser before Payment Completion.

    Membership Confirmation

    This is the E-Mail you will receive Finally and it means your Membership has been Updated to the Membership Level you Paid if all procedures be normal. Please go to Your Profile ( https://d5creation.com/profile ) and check your Membership Level, Expiration Date etc.

    Membership Profile

    You should Subscribe our News to find the Theme Update, Security and WordPress Experience Article published in our Blog. You should also Like and Follow to our Facebook Fan Page https://facebook.com/d5creation and Twitter https://twitter.com/d5creation for Updates. We shall not sent you any Update E-Mails unless you will Subscribe our News.

    4. Download Your Desired Themes

    So, you are now a Proud Member of D5 Creation Extended Themes’ Family. Log In / Sign In to D5 Creation Site with your Username and Password if you are not Logged In / Signed In already. Go to the Specific Theme Page from https://d5creation.com/themegallery

    WordPress Themes

    Select your Theme and Point your Mouse over that. You can go to the Theme Page and/or Demo Page of that Theme. It is Important to check the Theme descriptions, names, features carefully. Suppose some users download SIMPLICITY instead of SIMPLIFY. Those are 02 different Themes. ONE THEME Members can download any one theme. So, choose your Theme before download that.

    Downlod D5 Creation Themes

    You can find the Download Buttons in the Theme Page. You can also visit the different demos of the Theme from that page. Please remember that Extend Versions are the Ultimate Versions. So, You should download the Extend Version Themes. After clicking on the Download Extend Version you will get a ZIP copy of the Theme in your Computer. MAC Users may find the Unzipped / Extracted version because MAC extracts the ZIP Copy during downloading. You should ZIP Them again if you find Extracted Copy instead of ZIP File.

    5. Installing Themes in Your Site

    Installation Tutorial: https://d5creation.com/themeinstall
    If you have the Free Version or No D5 Creation Theme you should follow this tutorial.

    Theme Update Tutorial: https://d5creation.com/themeupdate
    If you already have the Extended Version of the desired Theme you should follow this tutorial

    We wish your Success with WordPress and Our Themes ! Cheers !

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