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Simplify Extend Slider Pops up then dissapears

Front Page D5 Creation Forum General Support Simplify Extend Slider Pops up then dissapears

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    My image pops up for a brief moment then disappears.
    The 3dslide.php appears ok ( i think), please find below and thank you:

    <Piecemaker><Contents><Image Source=”http://www.repaircommercialkitchen.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/Solutions-opening-Banr-30kb-Optmizd-2.jpg&#8221; Width=”930″ Height=”350″ Autoplay=”true”><Image Source=”http://www.repaircommercialkitchen.com/wp-content/themes/simplify-extend/images/simage.png&#8221; /><Text><h1></h1><p></p></Text><Hyperlink URL=”” Target=”_blank”/></Image></Contents>
    <Settings ImageWidth=”930″ ImageHeight=”350″ LoaderColor=”0x333333″ InnerSideColor=”0x222222″ SideShadowAlpha=”0.8″ DropShadowAlpha=”0.7″ DropShadowDistance=”25″ DropShadowScale=”0.95″ DropShadowBlurX=”40″ DropShadowBlurY=”4″ MenuDistanceX=”20″ MenuDistanceY=”50″ MenuColor1=”0x999999″ MenuColor2=”0x333333″ MenuColor3=”0xFFFFFF” ControlSize=”100″ ControlDistance=”20″ ControlColor1=”0x222222″ ControlColor2=”0xFFFFFF” ControlAlpha=”0.8″ ControlAlphaOver=”0.95″ ControlsX=”450″ ControlsY=”280
    ” ControlsAlign=”center” TooltipHeight=”30″ TooltipColor=”0x222222″ TooltipTextY=”5″ TooltipTextStyle=”P-Italic” TooltipTextColor=”0xFFFFFF” TooltipMarginLeft=”5″ TooltipMarginRight=”7″ TooltipTextSharpness=”50″ TooltipTextThickness=”-100″ InfoWidth=”400″ InfoBackground=”0xFFFFFF” InfoBackgroundAlpha=”0.95″ InfoMargin=”15″ InfoSharpness=”0″ InfoThickness=”0″ Autoplay=”10″ FieldOfView=”45″/>
    <Transition Pieces=”9″ Time=”1.2″ Transition=”easeInOutBack” Delay=”0.1″ DepthOffset=”300″ CubeDistance=”30″/>
    <Transition Pieces=”15″ Time=”3″ Transition=”easeInOutElastic” Delay=”0.03″ DepthOffset=”200″ CubeDistance=”10″/>
    <Transition Pieces=”5″ Time=”1.3″ Transition=”easeInOutCubic” Delay=”0.1″ DepthOffset=”500″ CubeDistance=”50″/>
    <Transition Pieces=”9″ Time=”1.25″ Transition=”easeInOutBack” Delay=”0.1″ DepthOffset=”900″ CubeDistance=”5″/>

    D5 Creation

    We can find one sliding image here. You can use more images.


    I do appreciate your answer and i did understand that. I want that one image to stay up. i tried to adjust the duration of the image but it had no affect. it flashes up, then disappears quickly. thanks again and i love your theme.

    D5 Creation

    You can use simple img tag html in the Banner Video or another Thing box like

    <img src="http://domain.com/image.jog" />


    ok so i changed the slider effects from “3DSLIDE” to “ZIPPER” and it works now. thank you

    D5 Creation


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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