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Slider on Simplify Extend

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    Hi, I loaded the Free Simplify theme a few days ago on my site, I realized the additional options on the Extend version would be a big help. I purchased the Simplify Extend them and loaded it and activated it as well, I removed all of the stock images from the slider and loaded the slider image I wanted and it still does not show up, it continues to run the slider with the theme stock photos. This was not the case with the free version? I got the Extend version in the hopes that I could have a static image and then embedd a call to action button directly below the 930×350 image or maybe on the image itself. I am sure that is not in the basic options. but I am wondering why when I added the extend theme and activated it only some of the stuff came over from the free version? I would like any advice possible. It took the header logo just fine, the tab favicon but the slider will not use my image? Still displays the stock photos?
    thank you

    Below you will find my order confirmation. If I can get this to work i will be upgrading to the developer membership because i really like your themes a lot.
    Order Number : 105400781303


    I did not read lower, My bad. Fixed the problem. feeling like a fool. Disregard this post please

    D5 Creation

    Simplify Extend has Unlimited Slide Image with 04 Slide Effects Options. If you select the 3D Slide Option ( It is also default ) you should also follow the special instructions given in the bottom part of Slide Options Page. You will find some instructions with RED Text. The rest of the 03 effects need not to do that.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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