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Testimonial Font Issues

Front Page D5 Creation Forum General Support Testimonial Font Issues

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    Carla White

    I am using Innovation Extend and I have successfully figured out how to change the font on every page except items in “Innovation Options”. I specifically need to change the font on the testimonials as they are much too light and small to be read. I connected support and was given this link

    How do I change the styling of my WebSite using D5 Creation Themes?

    ….which I found to be no help to me for this particular issue. Maybe I just need a bit more specific direction…I don’t know.

    Additionally is there a way to “click more” on testimonials and be directed to straight to that full testimonial. The only option I see is the “see all testimonials” link.

    Thanks in advance


    D5 Creation

    You can follow This Link to customize such these styling. Suppose, you can add the Following in the WP-Admin > Appearance > Innovation Options > General Options > Custom Code within Head Area Box. You should change the Font Name, Size, Color, Weight etc. as per your requirement.

    For Read More Links from Specific Testimonials, We shall try to add such these features in any update of the Theme. But, there is no option at this moment to add the Link. Alternatively you can use any ShortCode based Testimonial Plugins and/or ShortCode Ultimate Plugin where you can use Carousal ShortCode for Testimonial.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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