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Website gone…?

Front Page D5 Creation Forum General Questions Website gone…?

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    Hi I have a new problem
    In the admin mode I can se the web page is ok, but if I log out and browse the page, only the footer and the 4 coulum widget is visible the rest of the web page is gone….?

    Pleas help….


    D5 Creation

    You should control your plugins, mainly the caching plugins. This is not a Theme Issue.


    I don´t understant the problem.
    If I install another theme there is no problem, so…..?


    D5 Creation

    There is any Caching Plugin in your site. You should purge the cashes or disable the caching plugin. The site is showing from the cache, not form the database. It doesn’t affect to a new theme because the theme has not cached yet.

    BTW, what is your site url? You can also provide the Site URL, One Temporary Admin ID and Password Here if you want us to check your site.


    Hi Again
    Sorry but I can´t get it to Work, and if I install the free theme og Simplify the site Works OK, and if I load other Thems it also Works super.
    But every time I will use the Theme I had payed for, Simplify Extended, it won´t Work.
    I have deletet the entier page and deletet my database on the webserver and startet op Again but still the same result…….?


    Hope you can find the reason.



    D5 Creation

    Please provide the Site URL, One Temporary Admin ID and Password Here so that we can check your site.


    D5 Creation

    You used the following code in the Custom Code within Head Area Box

    <style>#header { background: #0c5494; }<style>

    When the code should be

    <style>#header { background: #0c5494; }</style>

    Issue fixed but please use appropriate code. Please consider that these type of checking takes much time from us which increases the response time of others. This was not a Theme issue at all.


    Thanks 🙂
    Sorry for the trouble, and thanks a lot for your help, I know that it was my mistake, I will soon pay as a Developer, just for your help.

    Thanks Again 🙂


    Just for all sake, so did you give me the code in an other post, so sorry I diddent know that there was missing an / I just used the code as you described it. Look below for yourself 🙂
    November 15, 2014 at 4:20 am #6303 Reply
    D5 Creation
    Please use the following code in the Appearance > Simplify Options > General Options > Custom Code within Head Area Box

    <style>#header { background: #FFFFFF; }<style>

    This Tutorial may Help you for further styling.


    D5 Creation

    We are sorry for the mistake. We have corrected that for further use of any users. It would be better if you mentioned that the problem raised after using that code. Thus we could correct the issue quickly. Anyway, Thank You for being with us! 🙂

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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