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Why some Features are not shown correctly in Internet Explorer ?

Front Page D5 Creation Forum General Questions Why some Features are not shown correctly in Internet Explorer ?

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    Some of our Users complain that some of our Theme Features are not shown correctly in Internet Explorer. First of all, Internet Explorer is a Dead Browser. The Developer of Internet Explorer Microsoft has declared it as Dead. Their Modern Browser is EDGE. The Market share of Internet Explorer is very low and is decreasing very dramatically. You can find the Internet Explorer Market Share Here. IE is a web developer’s nightmare. Many CSS3 and HTML5 elements and design rules are not supported by the older versions of Internet Explorer, even in the later versions, too. Most of the People don’t use Internet Explorer. Only a 0.5% users may use the older IEs. So, you can be sure of that your users don’t use Internet Explorer. Mobile Users don’t even think for the Internet Explorer. So, the modern web developers don’t consider the older IEs during web development.

    Internet Explorer doesn’t support all Modern Web Technologies. This older and dead browser doesn’t follow the CSS3 and HTML5 Standards. That’s why some features are not shown correctly in IE. It is a limitation of IE.

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