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How change Front page

Front Page D5 Creation Forum General Questions How change Front page

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    hapit ala

    Hi everyone
    I create a sample website in localhost with (D5 Business Line) Theme and my website is multilanguage.
    My languages is english, turkish, arabic and farsi and I use Polylang plugin.
    I cannot change default front page to any languages, only english works.
    In addition farsi and arabic is RTL language and front page cannot change to RTL.
    Please help me,

    D5 Creation

    Business Line Extend has Theme Options where you can change the Theme Generated Texts into your own languages. The best way of multilingual website is creating different sites with sub-domain like en.domain.com, fr.domain.com or with sub folders like domain.com/en, domain.com/fr. You should install WordPress and the Theme to all of those. You can then link those sites with each other from Appearance > Menus or Putting your code of switcher in header.php. All standard sites use this technique like wordpress.org, microsoft.com, google.com etc. Automated Translators can’t do all you may want

    Unfortunately we can tell nothing about any third party plugins.

    D5 Creation

    Yes, it is possible to Translate the Front Page and Everything with D5 Creation Themes. Please Read THIS ARTICLE for details.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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