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I have an error in google search console relating to site coverage .

Front Page D5 Creation Forum General Support I have an error in google search console relating to site coverage .

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    Mark Mason

    I have an error in google search console relating to site coverage the error is http://peterboroughcomputers.com/?ak_action=reject_mobile . I have tried to research the error & found that the error might be related to Wordfence security but on contacting Wordfence support was I was told this was not the case but instead it was a jetpack error & related to having mobile theme enabled . This response is rather odd as I have a responsive website & have not a had JetPack active on my website for at least 18 months . The google search console error randomly started on January 9th 2022. So does anyone have an idea why ak_action=reject_mobile is happening ?

    D5 Creation

    Hi Mark Mason (@docmason)

    We have checked your site with the Google Mobile Friendly Tool. But, The Tool is responding with a error message.

    Google Mobile Friendly Tool Error

    Please check with your Google Search Console and fix any configuration issue if there is anything not working.

    This Type of Errors are encountered by some Plugins like JetPack. You are not the one who is facing this issues. Please find This WP Forum Discussion.

    Please Clear All the Caches from the WordPress Dashboard, Hosting, CDN Like CloudFlare if any.

    You can Remove any other Plugins those generate separate Mobile Sites (If have).

    You can Remove Unnecessary Link URLs from Google Search Console.


    Mark Mason

    Thank you for your reply I have cleared the all caches on my website & ran mobile friendly test again it still came back with error but told me the page was not indexed so i have requested the page to be indexed .

    D5 Creation

    Please resolve the issue with Google Webmaster Tool. Sometimes, they take time to resolve issues. You may try some SEO Plugins, like Yoast SEO. Thus you will be able to check with the SEO Suggestions.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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