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Social Networking for Business

How to Expand your Business through Social Networking

In the recent years, social networking has evidently revolutionized the use of internet. The social networks that are domineering today began as simple sites years ago. However, as the years went by, all these networks were redesigned to help the users share their thoughts and ideas as well as connectRead More


Noteworthy SEO tools that should not be overlooked

The performance of SEO is based on how accurately it usesassimilated data and information. SEO has turned out to be an integral part of marketing activities and for small business it is also one of its best friends. For small business, often SEO is the only marketing resource that isRead More


5 Key Secrets To Running An Effective SEO Campaign

The future belongs to the brave, who are willing to make use of the best practices in Search Engine Optimization, SEO, to have a leg up on the competition. In order for you to have a website which achieves its primary raison d’etre, which is to attract visitors and convertRead More


Get the most out of WordPress Coding

So, are you a beginner who wants to start WordPress coding or an expert who wants to polish their WordPress coding skills? Here is an article for you. This piece will help you understand the basics you need to get the best out of WordPress in terms of developing pluginsRead More


9 Essential Changes By Google That affect SEO In 2016

From small scale community businessmen to an enterprise-level marketer, each of them knows the importance of having a website that not only gets ranked high on search engines but keeps the business competitive. And to facilitate this, numerous SEO-influencing tactics and strategies have been introduced by Google in past fewRead More


Move WordPress Site From WordPress.Com To WordPress.Org

WordPress is the undisputed king of the blogging platforms. Over 76.5 million blogs are hosted on WordPress, and this number is increasing at a steady pace. An important decision that faces all WordPress users is the choice between the self-hosted WordPress website and the WordPress.com hosted website. Many users startRead More


Major Update of SIMPLICITY, the fastest WordPress Theme

SIMPLICITY WordPress Theme is one of the Most Popular Free and Premium WordPress Theme with exciting 3D Slide. We consider this Theme as the fastest WordPress Theme. SIMPLICITY is best for Smart Small Business Companies and Organizations as well as large corporate companies. SIMPLICITY is loved by the Small BusinessRead More


Easily Disable Annoying Facebook Pop Up Notification Bubble

We manage some Facebook Pages and Groups which have more than 1 million fans, members. When an admin posts something in the facebook groups hundreds of pop up notification bubble appear in the left screen of the facebook website which is very annoying. Sometimes we try to close them butRead More


How to Speed Up Your WordPress Site: A Complete Guide

The desire of any web site owner is efficiency and speed of content delivery to his or her site visitors. With speed playing a vital role in retaining and attracting more visitors, it is the desire of anyone to avoid site sluggishness that might cost you potential customers and subscribers.Read More


AWESOME WordPress Theme, Version 1.7: Please Update your Site

As per our commitment we update our Themes Continuously. Recently we updated the latest AWESOME WordPress Theme. You may know that AWESOME is really awesome not only for it’s looking but also for the user experiences. Peoples love our Themes because of their Simplicity. The Latest Version of AWESOME isRead More