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Here’s Why WordPress Is Still Relevant In 2022

WordPress is the most dominant player in the CMS world at present. And, its growth projections suggest that it will continue to enhance its core competencies. If we look at its journey since 2003, it's evident how WordPress has evolved into one of the most innovative CMS platforms through frequent updates and an open mindset for changing developer and end-user expectations. Let’s discuss why this CMS remains so relevant even twenty years after its inception for building robust and highly scalable websites.

The Dominance of WordPress In The Global CMS Market 

Currently, more than 43% of global websites on the internet are powered by WordPress, and there's been an annual increase of 12% in WordPress usage ever since 2011. This simply reflects the way WordPress has constantly focused on the growing requirements and expectations of its worldwide users and delivered every time.

The versatility, endurance, and customization options WordPress has offered till now have transformed this blogging platform into a CMS giant that remains much ahead of its other competitors. An adaptable and innovative mindset is a prominent reason behind its worldwide laudatory reviews and why it has become the first choice for anyone looking to develop a robust, interactive, and highly customized website.

CMS Market Share, WordPress
CMS Market Share, WordPress

WordPress: Exploring Improvements Beyond Perfection 

WordPress is improving daily and will continue to meet global business requirements through thorough innovation and diligence. Let's have a look at some major advantages that have helped maintain the reputation and popularity of WordPress.

1. A One-Size-Fits-All CMS (Almost)[5] 

Of course, there can never be a single one-stop solution to all challenges a business faces with digital content management. Despite that, WordPress tries its best through a high degree of scalability that caters to most business sizes and models. Not only is this a good publishing platform, but it is also an open-source solution, which enables businesses to mold it according to their requirements.

Hence, whether it's a startup, mid-sized business, or even a tech giant, WordPress Development perfectly caters to growing business requirements and supports content customization and audience segmentation.

2. Multitude of Features to Meet Growing Needs of Customers 

WordPress was initially launched as a blogging platform in 2003, but constant innovation and enhancements made it unrivaled in the world of Content Management systems.

WordPress gives complete control over various crucial aspects of website development and facilitates easy development of a highly-customized and scalable website. Its user-first approach offers ample customizations based on the intended audience, thus allowing a developer to cater to diverse user requirements. You can easily manage unlimited pages, posts, and products and restore deleted pages before permanently deleting them. It also allows you to add, edit, and remove editor permissions to ensure relevant and authentic information on your website's posts.

3. SEO-friendly Plugins to Drive More Traffic 

Search engine optimization has become an integral part of online businesses. It helps them drive more traffic to their websites through various means. WordPress has efficiently absorbed this crucial digital marketing aspect. Developers can easily integrate plugins like Yoast in the WordPress admin, and content editors only need to add relevant keywords and meta descriptions in their recent posts to gain maximum attention from visitors. Moreover, you can also add content blocks to existing WordPress pages to optimize their relevance. WordPress allows you to create SEO-friendly titles, descriptions, and optimized images to ensure result-oriented SEO practices.

4. Supports Robust Website Security 

The scope of the internet has reached far beyond sharing information and is being used extensively for commercial purposes. This comes with its own set of challenges in terms of data security and privacy. WordPress is known for its constant security updates that you need to abide by to ensure robust security features in your business website. You also need to make sure that you use plugins from reliable sources. Plugins like Wordfence, Malcare, Jetpack, and Akismet are specially designed to ensure spam protection for WordPress-powered websites. You can also consider a comprehensive security solution for your website (like the All In One WP Security & Firewall plugin). Such solutions prove to be much more convenient as opposed to installing different plugins.

5. Complete Content Management 

Content is the most influencing factor in creating value for your customers. You often try persuading your customers with relevant and effective content strategies, whether it's a video, text, infographic, or even an audio podcast. WordPress comes with the handiest options to deliver and manage content to optimize SEO practices and promote your brand value. It's a brilliant platform for blogging with a much more versatile approach to creating informative posts and utilizing different plugins to instill features like forums, memberships, eCommerce, and many more. The advanced tools and elegance that you will find in WordPress are just incredible for any blog editor and allow seamless functionality to upload fresh and informative content on your website.

6. Unbeatable Catalog of Themes & Plugins

This is the best part of using WordPress as a CMS for your business website.

When you choose WordPress for your website development, you get access to an extensive library of in-built themes and plugins. The WordPress plugin directory has more than 55000 plugins that have received almost 1 billion downloads to date. Apart from this, WordPress' eCommerce plugin (WooCommerce) powers more than 22% of the world's top 1 million eCommerce sites. Yoast SEO is the most downloaded WordPress plugin that has received more than 176 million downloads.

These plugins prove to be very resourceful in adding custom features and functionalities to your website. You can choose among some free and paid plugins and themes to make your website look stunning and feature-packed to support various user requirements.  

7. Exceptional Support for All Media Formats 

A good website must be capable of supporting a wide array of media formats such as MP3, MP4, M4a, pdf, doc, ppt, jpeg, and png, along with some less common file formats like 3pg, Ogg, key, and odt. WordPress offers exceptional support for all these file formats that help you to easily upload images, videos, and content in any of these formats on your website. Moreover, WordPress is also known for its ease of access, and ensures content upload without any delay.

8. WordPress Can Be Modified as A Headless CMS 

The primary benefit of using a headless CMS is that you can easily separate the body of content from the content repository to manage content in one place and easily deploy that content across different front-ends. WordPress allows you to do that. Developers can modify the content repository and use the same content on different front-ends, eliminating the need to separate codes from content (which is often the case with a traditional CMS). Headless CMS has multiple benefits, like omni-channel presence, easy scaling of customer experiences, flexibility, and developers’ support.

9. Supportive WordPress Community: Your Answer to Any Trouble 

The real essence of WordPress as an open-source CMS platform is that anyone can optimize the source to enhance the software's capabilities and contribute to its high-end themes and plugins. WordPress has massive community support, including professional theme creators, plugin developers, and such professionals. Its community forums also support a wide range of documentation. This makes WordPress a great CMS platform where you can get instant technical support for any development issue or trouble that you face during WordPress development.

WordPress the best CMS is Getting Better & Even More Promising 

If we take a look at its entire journey since 2003, we can see that this CMS giant has constantly evolved with shifting demands and enhanced its capabilities to cater to the most complex website development projects. Smartphones have been continuously dominating the online world and considering their growing importance, WordPress will be focusing on developing comprehensive solutions for mobile app development while serving as a back-end. In my opinion, WordPress will also have equal emphasis on stretching its wings to application frameworks while simplifying complicated mobile app development use cases to bring more agility for developers.

We can expect WordPress to explore all possibilities in mobile app development, prioritizing the cross-platform compatibility factor where you can develop mobile apps using any of your preferred programming languages. Moreover, WordPress will also be elaborating on its integrated plugins and themes and bringing more front-end builders to enter the market.

Endnote: the Best CMS

Developing a WordPress website for your business is certainly the right choice. Moreover, for increasing the efficacy of your solutions, make sure that you hire WordPress developers who can deliver on your expectations.

Author : Nathan Smith

Nathan Smith is a Web & App Developer and the current Practice Head at TechnoScore- a leading WordPress Website Development Company in India. He constantly brings updated information on the latest tech trends. His passion for transforming technologies encourages him to inform and educate people through his write-ups

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