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Switching Website to WordPress

Eight Benefits of Switching Your Business Website To WordPress

Is your business website using a static platform? Well, it's time for an upgrade! Learn why your business needs to hire web developers and switch to WordPress for better performance. In this article you will learn on 'Eight Benefits of Switching Your Business Website To WordPress'.

Ever since its launch, the popularity of WordPress has only been growing with time. The number of WordPress websites in 2022 has reached 835 million. Not only bloggers but thousands of businesses are inclining towards this tool for the host of benefits it offers. Even businesses that originally built their websites on other technologies are switching to WordPress to boost their performance. Companies around the world are outsourcing the development process to WordPress development companies for quick and budget-friendly results.

Wondering what makes WordPress so popular & why you should consider switching your website to WordPress? Let’s find out.

Switching Website to WordPress

Eight Reasons of Switching Website to WordPress

1.   Easy To Use & Manage

Unlike other CMS, WordPress is simple to use and manage with a straightforward learning curve. It is known for its “5-minutes installation process”. Despite being one of the most powerful platforms, it has an intuitive and user-friendly interface that allows you to easily add more content, post new blogs, images, etc on a regular basis in just a few minutes.

WordPress comes with a consolidated dashboard & easy-to-use features. You can seamlessly create new pages, customize or tweak your web design, and do a lot more! Also, WordPress provides you with in-depth documentation for beginners who are not familiar with the CMS. However, if your requirements are complex, you can partner with a WordPress development company in India to get a robust website developed.

2.   Completely Customizable

WordPress comes with thousands of free & premium plugins and themes that allow you to customize your website as per your specific needs. No matter what look and feel you have in your mind, you can hire WordPress developers and get a personalized website, tailored to your requirements. Moreover, you can extend your website functionalities with thousands of plugins available that are either free to use or are reasonably charged. With open-source coding, your WordPress development company in India can help you perform endless customizations and set up a stunning website.

3.   Well Optimized For SEO

Your business can only be successful if your website attracts decent traffic and visitors- and this is the advantage that WordPress provides! It comes with high-quality code along with semantic markup, which makes the website easy to crawl & index. This ensures that any website built on the platform tends to rank well on search engines. Furthermore, it comes with mobile-friendly features and ensures a responsive design, high loading speed, and excellent user experience.

Additionally, you can install different mobile responsive themes and plugins to add SEO tools that simplify optimizing your website. This ensures higher ranking, visibility, traffic, and ultimately more leads & conversions.

4.   Cost-effective

WordPress is absolutely free to download and install. You may only have to pay for domain and hosting so that you can get your desired URL instead of the one provided by WordPress.  Since it is an open-source platform, you can make edits to its coding as per your requirements without having to pay for it, making it one of the most cost-effective solutions for businesses.

Furthermore, if you want professional developers to set up a website of your choice, you can partner with a web development company in India and get WordPress developers at as low as $15-$25 per hour.

5.   Easy Updates From Anywhere

The best part- WordPress is browser-based, which implies that you can easily log in and manage your website from any location or device if it is connected to the internet. Once your website is developed and live, you can access its backend right on your mobile phone or computer to make any updates.  This allows you to make changes, reply to comments, post new blogs and perform other activities at your convenience while also saving your precious time & effort.

6.   Highly Scalable & Flexible

As a business, you aim to grow and prosper. This is where WordPress can help you. You can have hundreds of pages or add thousands of blogs- The performance of your website will still not be compromised. This means WordPress is capable of handling and meeting your growing needs with time.

Moreover, using WordPress, you can design any type of website, suiting your specific business needs. With a number of free and premium themes available, you have the liberty to add specific features and functionalities to your site. WordPress developers can help you use these plugins to create an eCommerce storefront, add payment gateways, and do a lot more.

7.   Great Community Support

If you have any questions or you find yourself stuck anywhere using WordPress, there is a strong community to back you up. No matter how complex or distinct your doubts might be, you can easily find a solution for them in the WordPress support and developer forums. Since WordPress is widely accepted and used, you can easily find detailed tutorials, videos, and FAQs available on the internet to get a quick solution.

Moreover, WordPress developers are always in demand and are easily available. This ensures that you can easily find and hire WordPress developers for all your customized or complex needs.

8.   Highly Secure

Nowadays, for businesses everywhere, the primary concern is website security. This is where WordPress has an edge over others. The CMS comes with built-in security features that keep your website protected. Moreover, by following some basic WordPress safety practices, you can minimize the changes of online and malware attacks.

Few ways to make your website more secure:

  • Use trusted themes and plugins
  • Follow a secure login procedure
  • Limit the number of logins
  • Use two-factor authentication
  • Install security plugins
  • Enable SSL/HTTPS.
  • Install a firewall
  • Regularly update your WordPress version

Not sure if you can do it all by yourself? Well, you need not worry if it feels so technical. All you need to do is hire web developers and let them handle all the website security procedures and updates.

Should You Hire Professional Developers For Website Migration?

There are several companies that prefer outsourcing WordPress development services to a web development company for a number of benefits, including the following:

  • WordPress developers available at a low cost
  • High-quality website development
  • Reliable technical support
  • Better expertise and experience
  • Fast development process
  • Flexible hiring models/collaboration
  • Easy customization
  • 24*7 professional support
  • After-launch support services

While WordPress is easy to learn and use, you can hire professional developers if you’re overwhelmed with the idea of website migration or have complex development requirements. Additionally, seeking help from professional developers will ensure a better website quality and design and further contribute to the growth of your business.

Wrapping Up: Switching Website to WordPress

Keeping in mind all the benefits, switching to WordPress in 2022 is a lucrative deal for your business. Even in the years to come, we can expect WordPress to stay. Given the free installation, customization abilities, and SEO-friendliness, among other advantages, it’s no doubt that migrating your business website to WordPress can drive sales, reach new customers & take your business to new heights. To get started, you can hire a WordPress development company to get a premium website development at an amazingly low cost.

Switching Website to WordPress

Author : Ella Wilson

Ella Wilson works for a WordPress development company who provides premium website development at an amazingly low cost.

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