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Websites Using WordPress and Elementor - Best Tips

Best Tips to Make Business Websites Using WordPress and Elementor

Having a well-designed and good-functioning website is a must for any business. Whether you run a retail shop, offer in-person services, sell items online or provide b2b services, customers choosing your offerings will solely depend on your website. Therefore creating websites using WordPress and Elementor can push your business toward growth and progression.

You might think that a social media channel is adequate for offering services locally or an amazon store can easily increase business sales. But if you long for growth, expansion, and magnify online presence, you need your own operational website.

You can create your business websites using WordPress and Elementor. With this page builder, you get the ease of customizing the layout and design of your website without any limitations. It is easier to endorse your brand through a website on a search engine than on a social media platform. According to the latest study, 7 out of 10 people checks a business website before making any purchase decision.

Some businesses, especially with small capital feel that they don’t have the expertise to create their website, and investing in it won’t bring desirable rewards. But WordPress and Elementor can help you design a fully operational site with no prior coding know-how.

What should be included in a business website?

Before moving ahead with building your business websites using WordPress and Elementor. You must understand what key ingredients make a site pertinent.

  • Homepage: It is the face of your business which should include the brand name, business logo, compelling pictures, mission, navigational links, CTA’s, and an overview of your offerings.
  • Service pages: Page where you list down all your services along with their price, location served, etc. It should contain requisite info about all your products.
  • About us: This page features bios, team headshots, and social channels of the employees including directors and managers. Including business history, when it was founded, and the record of success should also need to be presented in this section.
  • Testimonials: Modern people gather social evidence and check reviews before making any purchase decision. The testimonials section should feature your satisfied customers and how they get benefitted from your offerings.
  • FAQ: Even if you have provided enough information on your website or service pages, some questions are always unanswered. You need to dedicate a section to the FAQ for resolving customer queries in the easiest manner.
  • Contact us: This section should provide all the vital contact details and different ways to get in touch with you. It can be mail, phone, and live chat. You can also place a contact form wherein it can be forwarded to the correct department.
  • Blog: You should provide adequate information and company updates on the site’s blog. It should be informative and contain all the latest events. Also, relevant content helps in business promotions and gains traffic via search engines.

How to develop business websites using WordPress and Elementor?

Earlier creating an operational website involved immense hard work between project managers, developers, and copywriters. It used to take a couple of months to add a few changes to the site. Fortunately, developing an engaging website is not that tough now and knowing how to do coding is not necessary in every case. You can easily create a WordPress website of your choice using a plugin i.e. Elementor.

Elementor is a page-builder that affords an in-built interface to create an engaging website for WordPress with an easy drag and drop element. You can easily build vibrant websites instantly using a visual editor. It gives you the agility to drag any of the widgets (90+) to create star ratings, progress bars, and content. Even if you are not a tech-savvy person or don’t have any in your team for coding, you can easily use this plugin and create a stunning business website. Following is the step-by-step guide to building a business website using Elementor, let’s get to some work!

Step 1: Choose the name for your domain

When you are all set to create your business site, the first step is to pick a domain name and website hosting service. A domain name helps your visitors easily access your business website.

Step 2: Select a web hosting plan

A web hosting plan allows you to get all the vital files in one place that creates your site. The hosting server is the place where you install WordPress and add-ons on the site. WordPress hosting is great when we talk about performance, onboarding process, installation, and security needs. There is a variety of WordPress hosting plans which range from affordable to more expensive ones. You need to factor in all your business needs in the selection process.

Once you pick your hosting plan and sign up for it, you will get a mail that includes all the details of your account. You need to find the login link and use your username & password to sign in to your account.

Step 3: Installing WordPress

Now we have reached the third step i.e. installing WordPress. Once you log in to your web hosting plan, click the ‘my accounts’ tab and sign in to your cPanel. You will find a WordPress icon in cPanel, you need to follow the steps in getting WordPress installed. After the installation, visit your WordPress website and enter the login details which you already have set up to access the dashboard.

Once installed the software, you can access the WordPress CMS platform where you get the flexibility to select from ten thousand themes, plugins, and templates. You should chose the Theme carefully. Please research first to find out the right theme which is SEO friendly, Elementor Ready, Spped Optimized etc. You can chose the Best and Award Winning D5 Creation Themes which will make the process much easier to develop your websites using WordPress and Elementor.

Step 4: Install Supporting Elementor Plugins

The next step is to install supportive plugins (if any). There are hundreds of supporting Elementor Plugins which can enhance your Elementor Page Builder dramatically. One example is the Mighty Elementor plugin. It’s a page builder that simplifies your work of building a visually delighting WordPress site. This Elementor is free but if you want to take benefit of its full capabilities then you would need its pro version. You don’t need any sort of coding to achieve the great design that you always thought of. Mighty Elementor works well by default but it will provide you the finest results if you get it with add-ons.  It offers over 45 Elementor widgets & extensions, more than 150 sections, and a complete and ready-to-use tool kit to design even the most complex layouts.

Step 5: Choose the right business template kit

Once you are done installing Mighty Elementor, the next step is choosing a business website template kit. There are several sets of templates that you need for a comprehensive WordPress site. Header, popup, 404 page, single page, single post, footer, and much more come under it.

To install this template kit, create a webpage ‘Home’ and then click the edit section with the Mighty Elementor button to launch it. Now open the template library and look for ‘business’. Once you get your desired template, simply click on the installation button.

Step 6: Customize the template

Once you download and install the template kit, you can customize each aspect of the design using a drag-and-drop editor according to your needs. You can easily change the logo, navigation links, color scheme, web copy, and other features that you want. You can use Mighty Elementor widgets to add a particular function like a product grid widget.

Step 7: Publish your website

Once you are confident about your chosen style, interface, design, and functionality of your business website, then it is the right time to make it live. If you want to recheck then click on the preview button and see how your website is going to look. If you think that you are satisfied with the results go forward and hit the live button.

The rub: Websites using WordPress and Elementor

Creating a website may sound daunting and even intimidating but it is easier than ever. You don’t need to hire additional staff to get every webpage hand-coded. If you already have a website then you can increase its performance with WordPress caching plugin.

If you want a fully functional website then you really need Elementor. This page builder helps in building an enticing and operational business website. You just need to download it and install the plugin on your WordPress website. Elementor offers almost everything that you need for building a business website. From exceptional visuals where you can easily edit your site with drag and drop to several widgets which enhance the functionality of the site.

Now you have all the information on creating an engaging website. Start building your business website, make it live, and stand out in the crowd.

Author : Upma Singh

Upma is Seo at JoomDev Company. She loves exploring the latest technology trends. She has profound experience in working for IT organizations and She loves turning her ideas into reality by developing WordPress plugins like Mighty Addons for Elementor, which helps her power Elementor's page builder.

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