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10 Actionable Tips to Drive Traffic to Your New WordPress Site

Unarguably, WordPress has emerged as the best CMS that powers 25 percent of the web. Famous names like TechCrunch, Facebook, Time.com, NBC, CNN, and many others have adopted WordPress for their online presence.  There are thousands of Free WordPress Themes and Plugins which can be used in WordPress Environment.


But, there are still many website owners who don’t know how to drive traffic to their WordPress sites. A WordPress site will be worthless if it is not receiving the intended traffic. All the efforts seem to go into the vein when a WordPress website becomes fail to drive traffic.


In today’s stiff competition, businesses can’t afford to ignore the issue of traffic for a long. Therefore, these issues need to be fixed at lightning fast speed.


However, the irony is, in the era of digital marketing, several companies often rely on their existing client-base for getting business. They forget, in this way they won’t be able to survive. On the flipside, smart entrepreneurs know how to make most out of their websites. Thus, they break their backs to optimize their WordPress site because they know the importance of traffic.


Let’s unearth the 10 actionable tips for websites owners that let them drive traffic to their WordPress site.


Create an Email List for Remarketing

Emails are one of the most powerful marketing tools. It allows you to connect cleverly with the visitors who visited your site, spent some time, but didn’t take any action regarding purchase or inquiry. Whether you have an eCommerce site or a blog site, creating an email list has become an important part of marketing strategy. An email empowers website owners to directly target the site visitors.

You can get emails IDs from the subscribers’ data of your website. There are different free/paid WordPress plugins are available that you can use to get more subscribers.


Use Yoast SEO Plugin

If you are a smart marketer, you can’t disregard the power of SEO. If yourWordPress site isn’t showing up in SERPs, then there will be a lesser chances of getting a good amount of traffic. For getting appeared in the similar searches of online users, your websites should be search engine friendly.

Use Yoast SEO plugin, a comprehensive website optimization plugin, to make your WordPress website search engine friendly. Make your site receive an enormous amount of organic traffic from search engines with the aid of Yoast SEO Plugin.


Internally Link Your Website to Reduce Bounce Rate

Internal linking helps you to reduce bounce rate and hold visitors for a long time. Further, it is the best way to make search engine understand the importance of your content. When visitors visit your WordPress site, they go through your content and if they find any unfamiliar term, they immediatelybounce back to search engines to get its meaning. And, in this way you losetraffic from your site.

Internal linking is the optimum solution to sustain website traffic. For this, you can rely on SEO Internal Links plugin that provides automatic SEO internal links for your site, custom keyword lists, nofollow, and much more. Moreover, if you use this plugin, it enhances the overall SEO score of your website.


Revamp and Share Old Posts

Never waste a single word of your content and try to make most out of them. Revamp your old posts, especially, the most like and shared content. Add statistics, compelling graphics (infographic would be an excellent choice), and videos to make it more interactive, information-rich, and effective and share on different platforms. It will drive massive traffic to your website by coercing your visitors to come back for more.


Post Interactive Content

No doubt, interactive content is king. Leverage the interactive content to drive traffic to your WordPress site. Start posting content in the form of infographics, podcasts, videos, blogs, and so on to sustain the zeal of your readers.

Take a look at this fascinating stat:

Worldwide, around 9 percent of marketers treat videos as content with the best ROI.


Invite Users to Comment on Your Site

You wouldn't believe, but comments can drive tremendous amount traffic to your site. Now, you must be thinking, how?

Whenever you post content on your site, always leave a reason for your users to comment. End your blog with some open questions to encourage them to get involved in the conversation. If you have an eCommerce site, then ask your users to leave feedback on the experience they got from your site. Comments give you an excellent opportunity to win the trust of your site visitors by directly interacting them. Further, it also makes online visitors eagerly wait to see what response they could expect from your side.


Allow Social Sharing

If you underestimate the power of social media channels, then probably you are making a big gaffe. Technological advancement has made these platforms ideal for brand promotion. Today, numerous companies rely on social media for marketing. Then, why don’t you use these platforms to drive tremendous traffic to your WordPress site.

For this, you must allow and encourage social sharing on your website. Provide sticky floating social bar to allow visitors share your content on different social media.

If your content gets shared on social media, then you will have a greater chance to attain massive engagement rate. Additionally, with the help of online tools like Buffer App and Hootsuite, you can automate your valuable content on different social media. Believe or not, social media platforms have become an ultimate source to drive traffic to your WordPress site.


Optimize Your Website to Load Faster

The Akamai study, published in September 2009, interviewed 1,048 online shoppers and found that

  • 73% of mobile internet users say that they’ve encountered a website that was too slow to load
  • 51% of mobile internet users say that they’ve encountered a website that crashed, froze, or received an error
  • 38% of mobile internet users say that they’ve encountered a website that wasn’t available
  • 47% of consumers expect a web page to load in 2 seconds or less
  • 40% of people abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load
  • A 1 second delay in page response can result in a 7% reduction in conversions
  • If an e-commerce site is making $100,000 per day, a 1 second page delay could potentially cost you $2.5 million in lost sales every year

A one second delay in page-load can cause 7% loss in customer conversions
Tag management supplier TagMan ran a test in partnership with glasses e-tailer Glasses Direct to study page speed and conversion behavior.

It measured the impact of average paid-load time a user experienced to their likelihood to convert on the site and found a significant correlation. The conversion rate peaked at about two seconds, dropping by 6.7% for each additional second

Not only does slow site speed negatively impact the user experience, but it will also cause your site to be penalised by Google in search results.

Unarguably, people hate visiting slow sites. Therefore, make your site load faster. For this, you can check your site speed with Google Page Speed.

Moreover, you can use caching plugins like W3 Total Cache to optimize your website speed. CloudFlare.com's Free Plan can also enhance your Page Speed. You can find Some Awesome Articles in our Blog Section for Site Optimization and Page Speed improvement in WordPress Sites.


Leverage Google Analytics

So far, Google Analytics is the best analytical tool that helps website owners to understand the overall performance of their websites. With the help of WP Google Analytics plugin, you would get critical insights regarding content that visitors like the most, less performing pages, the most clicked part of the websites,users’ location, different sources of traffic, and so on. Therefore, you should use analytics for your site to optimize it get receive a high amount of traffic.


Optimize Website with A/B Testing

There are several ways to optimize WordPress website. A/B testing is one among several that offers an excellent way to optimize websites. It allows you to test two distinct versions of the same page to pick the best one. Experts recommend A/B testing, especially for landing pages. With the aid of A/B testing, you get crucial insights that help you to analyze what changes makes your website more impactful whether it is organic traffic or conversion.


Over to You

Actionable tips that I mentioned above are pretty crucial if you want to drive an enormous amount of traffic to your WordPress site. I hope you enjoyed reading this write-up, suggest if I forgot to add anything to the list.

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