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10 WordPress Design Trends to Rule 2018 and Beyond

10 WordPress Design Trends to Rule 2018 and Beyond

We all know that web design is evolving very fast thanks to the overpopulation of smart phones. WordPress as the most popular CMS platform is also reflecting this changing dynamics of web design through an array of elements. While simplicity and ease of use still lead the show, some design elements are going to enjoy more priority in WordPress websites and blogs if near future. Let us explain here 10 most popular WordPress design trends to rule 2018 and beyond.


Drag and Drop Function

WordPress has become easier for novices and new developers with this drag and drop function. Thanks to this one can easily drag the files and drop them on the backend panel. With these incorporating and using media files and images for your website design will be easier than ever before.

This would also help the editing job very easy as it would not interfere with the internal structure of the website. Thanks to this function, a designer can deliver amazingly simple layout at least amount of time. At present, you have an array of sophisticated plugins that can make this function available to you.


Video Headers for WordPress

All design trends across the web confirm that video and rich media will continue to dominate the web design in the time to come and 2018 will be no exception in this regard. We can expect more WordPress sites to use video in the headers. It is likely to be a popular trend as WordPress also made it easier to incorporate video header with the help of a range of themes.


Virtual Reality Plugins for WordPress

Virtual reality or VR technology is slowly finding space in web design, and shortly we can expect many WordPress designers to adopt this design element as a trending element. WordPress now offers complete support for introducing VR videos and augmented reality 360-degree media files. Already we have a plethora of Plugins to make use of VR and AR in website design.


Parallax Scrolling

While typical one-page look and feel is trending among web designers, parallax scrolling is helping to make the design more effective with a distinctly responsive look and feel. This design typically ensures depth and interactive aspect to an otherwise simple website. Parallax scrolling typically boosts engagement and interaction with the users, and in 2018 we can see a greater number of WordPress sites to use parallax scrolling.


E-Commerce Themes

Instead of depending on a very specialist Ecommerce platform you can use your good old WordPress for Ecommerce just by using Ecommerce themes. Just with a Woocommerce plugin, you can turn your regular WordPress website into a fully operational business website with a rich set of features meant for a business transaction. From designing a very interactive product page with rich filters for introducing nice gateway and payment solutions, an Ecommerce theme can turn your WordPress website into business website quite easily.


Minimalism Rules it all

It is quite an established truth that we detest clutter of too many visual elements in the design of any interface. This is precisely why every website is now trying to get rid of all useless visual elements by adopting a very minimalist design. Minimalist detail coupled up with a lot if white or negative space and optimum focus on readability and ease of use are some of the key elements of minimalism that will remain popular for WordPress websites in 2018 and beyond.


Landing Page Style

Just because minimalism makes it easier for us to get engaged and involved, single page design is so popular these days. Most importantly, they often focus on one thing, and that helps them better in respect of business conversion as well. So, in 2018 we can come across many WordPress websites that will focus on selling a particular product or service. We can expect more WordPress websites to be designed in the fashion of landing pages with just a killer presentation, few befitting visuals and call to action buttons.


Images will Enjoy an Upper Hand as Always

Images always convey a lot, and so deservingly they get the upper hand over the text. In 2018 or beyond we can expect this stress on impressive visuals to move further ahead with more contextual images, animated effects and filters to add more drama to the look and feel of a website than ever before. Giving a storytelling effect with the use of visuals will also be popular with several niche websites that strive for instant appeal and engagement with their audience.



While clarity and cleanliness are two most significant elements that majority of websites strive to achieve in look and feel, using a lot of whitespace around every piece of content will continue to remain a mega trend for WordPress designers in the months to come. A lot of vacant space on your website helps the users settle their attention easily while making least distraction.


Dual Tone Design

Your WordPress website may look bright and bold, and you may consider it appealing but the trend of the day says otherwise. Instead of strikingly bright and bold colour scheme, you can actually look more somber and elegant with a two-tone monochromic look. Yes, you can also do some experiments with duotone design. Instead of just sticking to only black and white you can choose other smooth shades for your dual tone design.


Animated Elements

While the animation was a design trend for last two years in a row, in 2018 we can expect several new tweaks to this trend. The WordPress designers now can employ more complex animation design techniques to stand out from the rest. Slow animation which refers to the slow-motion movement of an animated figure or brief storytelling with animation or animated micro-interactions, all these trends can be further tweaked and introduced more appealingly.


In Conclusion,

Yes, as for design trends for WordPress websites there are really plenty to expect in the coming year. We can expect designers to strive for the unique look and feel in their design output than ever before.

Author : Darshan Patel

Darshan Patel is currently working with a WordPress Designers' Company

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