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How AI helps in growth of the mobile app development industry ?

As the usage of mobile has increased, there are several apps that exist in the market. Those apps which are AI enabled are playing a crucial role in our life. Its features are flexible enough to grab the attention of users in the market. Users are being impressed with flexibility and such apps are very easy and quick to fulfill the requirements of users. The AI enabled mobile apps are fulfilling the requirements of both users and service providers. Mobile apps are a crucial part of each and every sector. Without mobile apps, to operate your work online is impossible. It leads to losses in the market.


With the help of innovative and intelligent mobile apps, organizations are retaining their customers for a longer period. Especially, industries such as banks, healthcare and finance are investing a big amount in mobile applications. These sectors use mobile applications to engage their users smartly. AI enabled mobile apps analyze the needs of users within seconds. Users just need to register and sign up with credentials after that user can use the app from any corner of the world. Nowadays, users can easily get credit card, debit card, payments details and loan information within seconds using mobile apps. Some Flutter App Development Company integrates AI with their flutter app. 

Banks and the finance sector get data through such AI enabled mobile apps which help users to get data on their fingertips. Clients requests are processed and resolved through the AI enabled mobile apps. Hence, AI is driving enough growth in the finance sector. Businesses boost and Improved with AI by providing high speed in app functionalities. AI enabled ecommerce apps notify their users about new offers, discounts, products and payment methods. So organizations are using AI in mobile apps to bring robust user experience in the market. In this article, we will discuss what AI is and various other things in the context of AI. Let’s begin!

Facts & Statistics

  1. The global AI market revenue is projected to increase from 5 billion U.S. dollars in 2015 to 125 billion U.S. dollars in 2025.
  1. 82 percent of organizations have a demand for machine learning skills in 2020.
  1. A 2018 global survey projected that AI will contribute to approx 26.1 to china’s GDP in 2030, 14.5 percent in North America and 13.6 percent of UAE’s GDP.
  2. In 2020, the global AI software market is expected to grow approx 54 percent year on year, reaching a projected size of 22.6 billion U.S. dollars.
  1. AI is projected to contribute to global economic growth as per statista.

What is AI?

Artificial intelligence is a wide branch of computer science where smart machines are built. These smart machines are capable of performing tasks without the intervention of humans. AI has multiple approaches with interdisciplinary science. Machine learning and deep learning are driving advancement in the tech industry. In other words, it is the engineering and science which makes smart and intelligent machines specifically, intelligent computers. Intelligence is the computational part to achieve goals without the use of humans. There are four types of AI: reactive machines, limited memory, theory of mind and self-awareness. Speech recognition, problem solving, learning and planning are examples of AI.

Features of Artificial Intelligence in Mobile Technology

Our smartphones have dozens of sensors which gather data. AI/ML learns from this accumulated data by embedded sensors. Let’s understand the integration of AI in different mobile features:

  • AI (and mobile app) is used in the camera
  • AI & ML is integrated in voice assistants like Siri
  • AI allow more humans to search images
  • AI contributes for  best Augmented Reality experiences
  • AI helps in day to day Operations
  • AI helps in face recognition for security

Does AI offer new openings to Developers?

Those apps which have some new features and benefits would obviously rapidly grow in the market. If you integrate AI into your mobile applications, it will obviously support to be the centre of attraction in the market. As per some research, the mobile app industry is moving to AI. Business wants to achieve gains from the market that is why they are investing in AI more. As we know smartphones are being used heavily in the market. To provide high engagement mobile apps, we have to focus on AI enabled apps. Now users want apps which are AI enabled so mobile application companies and developers have to focus on AI for better user experience.

Mobile applications or apps which have AI integrated provide data. Such data is used to draw useful insights and analyze consumer behavioral patterns. AI enabled apps deliver valid results. Coming of AI in the market has encouraged developers to find new opportunities in the market. This has expanded the industry on a broad level. Users are spending most of their time on smartphones which ultimately help organizations to understand the users. AI enabled mobile apps give friendly navigation and better understanding to fulfill their requirements. Due to this, users are now expecting more and more. They are expecting predictive mobile apps which fulfill their all needs.

The Future of Mobile Apps

The mobile is shaping the business in a new way. As per statista, there are a total 258 billion mobile app downloads by 2022. The stats clearly say that consumers are downloading more and more apps which are giving them a high level of personalization. We have listed trends for mobile apps in the future.

  • AI and ML brings personalization in mobile apps which meet the requirements of users faster. So already existing apps should adoptAI and ML to offer personalization to their clients.
  • Voice-enabled mobile apps captivate more users in the market. Thus demand enhances but still complete conversational virtual assistance is yet to be launched. AI based mobile apps offer voice recognition and voice assistants.
  • Speedy Development of 5G technology only offers high speed internet services which also open new paths to developers. 5G takes very less time to respond due to its high connectivity of the internet.
  • Cloud enabled mobile apps are high in demand as users get high storage capacity. Such data can be retrieved as per user’s requirement. Cloud technology stores vast amounts of data so developers are now integrating mobile apps with cloud technology.
  • M-commerce has driven the mobile app industry on a broad level. Smart mobile apps are offering efficient payment gateways so that users can easily pay without the use of debit and credit cards.

The Bottom Line

If you read our article entirely, you would have known how AI based mobile apps are ruling in the world. AI enabled mobile apps are making our lives easy. AI and ML both are engaging users on a broad level. Several businesses are now moving to AI enabled mobile apps for robust user experience. AI and ML have enough capabilities to drive your business in a completely different way.

As per stats, you have completely understood how AI (and mobile app) is bringing revenue into business. Now this is your turn to adopt AI based technology to make your business successful and demanding. AI reads human behavior and provides valid results. Users are highly impressed with AI based mobile apps. In this article, we have discussed how AI is integrated in mobile apps and has become the future of the mobile app industry. We hope you find the article useful and informative.

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