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WordPress 500 Internal Server Error Fix

What is the WordPress Error 500 Internal Server Error & How to Fix It

Attention all WordPress users! Are you tired of encountering the frustrating 500 Internal Server Error on your website? Well, fear not because this article is here to provide the solution you’ve been searching for. Your website’s functionality is crucial for business success, and we understand the headache this error canRead More

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Here’s Why WordPress Is Still Relevant In 2022

WordPress is the most dominant player in the CMS world at present. And, its growth projections suggest that it will continue to enhance its core competencies. If we look at its journey since 2003, it’s evident how WordPress has evolved into one of the most innovative CMS platforms through frequentRead More

Websites Using WordPress and Elementor - Best Tips

Best Tips to Make Business Websites Using WordPress and Elementor

Having a well-designed and good-functioning website is a must for any business. Whether you run a retail shop, offer in-person services, sell items online or provide b2b services, customers choosing your offerings will solely depend on your website. Therefore creating websites using WordPress and Elementor can push your business towardRead More

WordPress Website ADA Compliant

8 Best Tips to Make Your WordPress Website ADA Compliant

Do you want to make your website as accessible as possible… ??? (8 Best Tips To Make Your WordPress Website ADA Compliant) You have come to the right page then….!!!!! Every website has a purpose of serving all but when you don’t prioritize making your WordPress website ADA compliant thenRead More

Switching Website to WordPress

Eight Benefits of Switching Your Business Website To WordPress

Is your business website using a static platform? Well, it’s time for an upgrade! Learn why your business needs to hire web developers and switch to WordPress for better performance. In this article you will learn on ‘Eight Benefits of Switching Your Business Website To WordPress’. Ever since its launch,Read More

WordPress and PHP7


Do you have any idea about the impressive offers provided by PHP7? It offers you the biggest jumps in extraordinary performance regarding website development. Do you want to upgrade your WordPress to PHP7? Don’t worry, if you still use WordPress and want to upgrade your website designing page to PHP7,Read More

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How to design a website using WordPress ( Basic Guide)

Time is the most valuable thing when it comes to getting your website up and running smoothly. If you want to snag your share of the market, you need to act quick and smart. Is it possible to design a website using WordPress by yourself ? Today creating a websiteRead More


Do you know how to pick CRM Tool for your WordPress?

Great customer management is key in the building of a strong business. Customer satisfaction will help businesses make higher profits but that is based on their relationship. Keeping close communication with customers will enable you to enact and implement strategies that will boost your profitability. Know how to pick aRead More


A handy guide on migration from Blogger to self-hosted WordPress

Blogger is simple, free and an excellent tool for first time bloggers to quickly start blogging. However, as many bloggers become regular, they realize the importance of full control of the blog which blogger does not provide. They know that they are now better off with their own self hostedRead More


5 Bespoke SEO tips for your WordPress blog/site

Congratulations on owning a WordPress powered blog/site! You have indeed chosen a Content Management System(CMS) which offers you the flexibility of customizing virtually everything about your web portal. Now the most important point that needs to be considered here is whether your WordPress blog/site has been optimized for quick readabilityRead More


Simplify, the Featured WordPress.org Theme and Simplify Extend Theme have been Updated

It is a matter of Joy That Simplify has been listed as one of the Featured Themes at WordPress.org. Simplify is currently counting more than one download per minute at this moment. Simplify Extend has been updated today on September 09, 2014. This version has introduced new Responsive Layout whichRead More