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Checklist for Email Marketing Campaign for a WordPress Site

If you are reading this, you probably have a new WordPress website all set for a launch or an existing website that hasn’t rolled out email marketing for the good. In either of the cases, you must consider getting the same for your site’s content distribution and marketing.

Before we begin, you must know that this campaign involves building an email list and seeking people who can subscribe to your email newsletters. The main issue here is how you get to be in touch with people who are willing to subscribe to your site’s newsletter.

When you have figured out a way to tackle this initial step, you will have to decide how and when you start to roll out the content to your subscribers. So, now let’s read on to learn more about the constituents of the checklist for your email marketing campaign.

In this blog post, we will tell you about the key elements that have everything to do with the email marketing campaign that will prove helpful for your WordPress site.


The task before the checklist

Let’s put first things, first. If you are planning to make a new website, you must put in major amount of efforts into deciding the theme of your site. A carefully decided theme will impart the right functionalities and the right look to your website which will be capable of driving conversions.

Let’s say that you want to come up with a website for your Beauty service business. You can go for the D5 Creation’s Beauty and Spa Theme.  Themes from D5 Creation are highly recommended because they sport a beautiful and responsive design, have an awesome support forum, and are made to complement your website needs in the right manner.

So, before you actually start with the whole thing that we are about to discuss here, you will need to make a checklist as per your site’s business or service model. On a generic note, you must be aware of the audience segment who will be interested in your email marketing.

Shooting out newsletter mails to random people will be too vague. Social media is in its strongest form these days and hence you must benefit by identifying your target audience through it. You can either choose a free service or a paid one in order to get them in a loop.

Carefully follow the online forums and communities that are relevant to your industry or business type. A very subtle way to drive people to your website would be to drop a link to one of your site’s most popular post. Make sure that it is inviting and interesting in a manner that people click onto it. Link all your social media channels with proper and functional links so that viewers can navigate easily. Remaining pro-active with the responses received should be your priority while launching this email campaign. Once you will have the takers, you can efficiently manage the rest.


An Impressive invitation

An ideal marketing email or the first message will be decisive of your site’s impression. Keeping it simple and clear will serve the purpose. A humble invitation with an elegant design and proofread content will drive in the expected audience well.

  • Make sure that you test mail the message before actually sending it out.
  • List your company contact details along with links to all social media channels.
  • Always opt for a mobile-friendly email service. People will never want to subscribe to a service that isn’t accessible through all digital platforms.
  • Double check all the content and the links for any errors or malfunction, respectively.


Popups for a new visitor

Now, when you have sent the introductory mail, you can expect the visitors to drop by anytime. Make sure that your website is prepared to welcome them and help them navigate through your site seamlessly.

  • An opt-in form popup: This sort of popup is important in case people forget about subscribing to your list. Let’s consider a situation where the home page of your website has some popular feature posts. Whenever a visitor clicks on them, these popups will prompt them to subscribe to your list if they want to read other interesting posts just like the one they read. You can use OptinMonster which is considered as one of the best WordPress Popup and Lead Generation Plugin.


  • Slide popups: The above discussed opt-in form can be a little irritating for some users. So, you can wisely put up a slide-in or slide-up popup for the site visitors.


  • Footer Bar: A scrolling footer bar that scrolls as and when the user scrolls the page can be of huge help for email conversions. This floating bar can carry an inviting message of 4-5 words to prompt customers to sign-up.



Messages for new subscribers

Whenever a new site visitor finally subscribers to your email list or the newsletter, it is a humble gesture to welcome them and express your gratitude towards the new subscription. You should get the following:

  • A Confirmation mail that politely asks the subscriber to confirm the subscription.
  • A ‘Thank you’ page to convey your gratitude when the user has confirmed the subscription. You can also choose to put up links to some of your popular blog posts or pages to draw in the reading into spending more time on your website.
  • A ‘Success’ page can be placed too but this is up to you.



Engaging with the new and old subscribers

People who subscribe to your email list or the newsletters are the people who place their trust and time into your website. It is important that you make them feel special by interacting with them on several occasions.

You can put up offers and giveaways for them so that they get to know that they are important to the site that they are spending their time on. You can even ask them for feedback related to a new site design or blog recommendations.

Bonus Tip: You can always start a forum for your site subscribers to let them interact with each other and hence give way to your site’s new community. This will help your site to drive in traffic and also draw new subscribers.



An email newsletter campaign or an email list is not just a marketing gimmick. This is a tool that leads to serious conversions because the subscriber isn’t duped into it and is completely aware of the reasons of subscription.

Email marketing is a targeted form of content distribution that promises guaranteed readership. New tools and tactics find their way into the market every day. Hence, if you want to reach more and more people, you must stay abreast with the latest trend in the marketing segment of your industry. We hope that you and your WordPress site will benefit from this checklist and achieve the best in the field.


Author : Pawan Sahu

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