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Next Generation Web Development – For Every Business Website

In this article you will learn on the importance of next generation web development for your businesses in future.

Business websites have undergone transformational changes in recent years. An official study has shown that around 70 to 80% of customers prefer to check the website first before doing business with a company or individuals. Interestingly, as many as 38% of people end up dealings with a business whose website they do not like. These stats simply show the importance of a feature-rich, user-friendly, and futuristic website. 

If you want to come up with a next-gen website for your business, you need to know the expectations of visitors when they come to your site. Here are a few necessary questions you need to answer before bringing a new corporate website- 

  • What are the visitor’s expectations?
  • What are the features that can attract and retain your website’s visitors or customers?
  • How often do they interact with the website before doing business with you?
  • How do they find your website?

Simply put, your business website should act as a tool to meet the changing expectations of your existing or prospective customers. The web development company can assist you in achieving this objective by integrating technological advancements and the latest trends for the next generation web development. Here we give a list of seven aspects you need to consider for developing a future-ready business website in line with the customer’s behavior. 

Top Seven Aspects to Keep in Mind while Developing Futuristic Websites

Focus on framework

It all starts with the framework you choose for developing a corporate website. A web development framework is a basic architecture that gives shape to your website and takes care of the structure. These days,  merely building HTML pages on an individual basis may not serve your purpose. The framework or CMS like WordPress or Drupal enables your website to have highly presentable and scalable layouts.

You need to choose the web development framework in line with your business model and requirements of your customers. Apart from including user-friendly features, the framework should be robust enough to ensure a seamless performance even during handling a lot of visitors at once. 

Think of people’s mindset

The second important factor is understanding the visitor’s mindset. It is necessary to convey your message by using various elements and relevant information. Also, you need to ensure that everything is easily accessible for visitors and even if people visit your website through their mobile devices, then also they should easily navigate through it. 

Here, it is also possible that people use their mobile devices in different circumstances like at the mall, in front of a TV, sitting in a hotel, waiting for lunch or dinner, and during transit. In other words, chances are high that their mindset is highly distracted when they go through the website, and therefore, your business website should be designed and developed accordingly. 

Integrate voice search

The voice search is indeed a future of searching on the web. As per an official study, over 60 million people use voice-controlled devices to find information online in the US alone. Be it Google Home, Cortana, Siri, or Amazon Echo, the voice-powered devices are gaining ground swiftly across the world. 

It is, therefore, necessary that your website should have content easily readable for voice-enabled devices. Such content can assist you to convey the message as easily and effectively as possible to all your prospective customers. 

Consider different search intentions

What people search and why people search on the Internet? - These are two important questions. When visitors come to your website, they may need diverse information. The futuristic website should come up with relevant information in an interesting way to the users. Improved design and a higher conversion rate are two standards that your website should meet for addressing the targeted audience effectively. If your business website can fulfill different search intentions, it can make the visitors satisfied. 

Utilize power of AI

The integration of AI-powered chatbots is being a norm in business websites worldwide. Such chatbots give an instant and relevant reply to the visitor or customer’s questions. These chatbots can build their repository of both questions and answers with the help of AI (Artificial Intelligence). They assist your company to get rid of hire humans to answering the customer’s questions online. Chatbots are designed to analyze the question and interact with the website’s visitors anytime. 

What’s more, chatbots can keep on storing new information to expand their knowledge base, which can be used in the future to serve the customers more effectively. The web development company can either integrate a readymade chatbot on your website or make a customized chatbot for your business website. 

Make your website responsive

Responsiveness is a need of the hour for every business site globally. Whether it is a manufacturing unit or a healthcare organization; a restaurant or an eCommerce company- every business under the sun should have a mobile-friendly or responsive website. There is no exaggeration in mentioning that over 50% of the total visitors may access your business website on their mobile devices. Google Analytics has also given a special section to find out how many people access your business website through their smart devices. A web design that fits seamlessly according to the screen size can work wonders in today’s competitive scenario. 

All of the D5 Creation Themes are Responsive. You can use those for your WordPress driven websites. Your websites will be Elegant, Professional and Responsive without any single line of code. Fortunately, Official WordPress approved Free Versions are also available. Those Themes are developed considering next generation web development trends.

Change web dynamics based on Big Data analytics

Finally, it is better to change your website’s dynamics according to Big Data analytics and Artificial Intelligence. The AI-powered website can detect the visitor’s behavior on your website for a page XYZ and start highlighting it to the new visitors to improve the conversion rate. Now, data collection and analysis are possible with the help of big data analytics. When your website’s dynamics are changed as per big data analytics, you can witness an increase in the conversion rate.   

Concluding Lines: Next Generation Web Development

A responsive website with user-friendly features can take your business to a new level by enhancing credibility and reputation online. The web development company can develop a robust and reliable website by keeping the future web design and development trends in mind while implementing innovative ideas. It is fair to mention that the future-ready website is that gives an excellent user experience through engaging design.

Author : Jamie Joyner

Jamie Joyner is a content cum digital marketer at Solution Analysts, a leading WordPress development company USA . She is an avid reader and likes to remain updated for technological advancements in the domains of web, mobility, IoT, and emerging technologies. Her articles are informative and interesting at the same time as he expresses insightful thoughts clearly.

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