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One Click Demo Import, Manual Demo Import

One Click Demo Import, Manual Demo Import

Many of you know the process of Importing/Exporting Demo Data. There are several ways to do this. You may need to know these steps for One Click Demo Import or Manual Demo Import . It may also be needed during the development of the site for the first time. You may also need this during the Site Migration / WordPress Migration from one server to another server or one domain to another domain. Even you may use this during transferring your site from development server to live server.

Many Things should be Exported and/or Imported. It depends on the Plugins you are using and their Content Generation Type. D5 Creation Users can find One Click Demo Data Importing Features in some of our Themes. We are working to add this feature with all of our Themes.

Want the site look like the Demo ?

Please find This Video Tutorial First. We believe that, It have covered everything you may want to learn.

You can Import the Demo Data Automatically following the Instructions of the Video. This Video has also shown how to Import the Demo Data Manually.

Preparation for Data Importing

Before you begin, make sure all the required plugins are activated.

Importing demo data (post, pages, images, theme settings, ...) is the easiest way to setup your Theme. It will allow you to quickly edit everything instead of creating content from scratch.

When you import the data, the following things might happen:

  • No existing posts, pages, categories, images, custom post types or any other data will be deleted or modified.
  • Posts, pages, images, widgets, menus and other theme settings will get imported.
  • Please click on the Import button only once and wait, it can take a couple of minutes.

Please make sure that your Server/Hosting has enough Resources allocated for WordPress Operation. You shuld have the following values or greater in php.ini file. You can contact your Server/Hosting Provider for settings these.

One Click Demo Data Import

This will Import the Following:

  • Posts, Pages, Menus, Post/Page Settings, Images, Authors, Categories, Custom Posts etc.
  • Sidebar WidGets
  • Drag and Drop Elementor Page Builder Custom Templates
  • D5 Creation Theme Settings/Options ( Currently not from Here. But you can do from WP-Admin > Appearance > Searchlight Options > Export/Import)
  • Contact Form 7 Pages
  • Drag and Drop Elementor Pages
  • E-Commerce Products and Pages
  • Custom Menus
  • All Uploaded Media Files like: Images, Videos, Audios

You can Import the Data From WP-Admin > Appearance > Import Theme Demo Data

One Click Demo Import

You need to Import the Theme Settings ( Theme Options ) Separately. Importing Theme Settings is not Recommended. But, you can Easily Import that from WP-Admin > Appearance > Searchlight Options > Export/Import. You will need the Settings Data File to Import. You can download the Demo Theme Settings Data File from the Theme Options Panel or D5 Creation Site.

Manual Data Import/Export

You will need these during Migrating your Site, too.

There are mainly 03 Steps and you will need 03 Files to be Imported:

  • Content Data ( Posts, Pages, Comments, Custom Fields, Categories, Tags, Menus, Custom Menus, WooCommerce Products and Other Data, Elementor Templates, Drag and Drop Pages etc. )
  • WidGet Data
  • Theme Settings

Content Data:

This is a WordPress Core Feature. You can Import Content Data Manually from WP-Admin > Tools > Import > WordPress - Run Importer

Content Import Selection Screen

You will need a File and the Extension of the File is .XML

Content Import

You can Export the Content Data from WP-Admin > Tools > Export

Content Export

WidGet Data:

You can Import/Export the WidGets Data using the Plugin Widget Importer & Exporter. Then you can find the Menu at WP-Admin > Tools > Widget Importer & Exporter

WidGet Import Export

You will need a File and the Extension of the File is .WIE

Theme Settings:

You can Import/Export the Theme Settings from WP-Admin > Appearance > NewsPress Options > Export/Import or WP-Admin > Tools > Export/Import D5 Theme Options. You will need a Plugin Installed previously Named D5 Theme Options Export/Import. Detail Instructions and the Download Link can be found under the Theme Options Panel.

D5 Creation Theme Options Export Import

You will need a File and the Extension of the File is .DAT

Other Adjustments

You can set the Main Menu and Top Menu from WP-Admin > Appearance > Menus

You can set your Sidebar WidGets from WP-Admin > Appearance > WidGets

Then, You can chenge/edit/remove the Contets from WP-Admin > Posts > All Posts and can remove the Demo Settings from WP-Admin > Appearance > Theme Options

If you require any further assistance please Contact Here with the Site URL, One Temporary Admin ID and Password of your WordPress Dashboard.

Theme Installation Tutorial: https://d5creation.com/themeinstall
Theme Update Tutorial: https://d5creation.com/themeupdate

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