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How does perfect WordPress hosting look like?

Choosing a hosting for your WordPress website is crucial, in fact, it is one of the most important decisions a site owner will make, as your website will have to rely and be restrained by the server performance and the service your host is able to provide. There are a few key criteria for a good WordPress hosting. Although many overlap with the requirements to any kind of hosting.

The first criteria that will cross your mind when you think about the service you expect from a hosting provider will be performance, support and price. Let’s look at them in more detail and see what other aspects need to be considered.



WordPress host should guarantee at least 99.9% website uptime. 99.9% is actually pretty difficult for a host to achieve, but at least you should be compensated for the excessive downtime, and your host is motivated to get your website back up.



Pages should load quickly in all browsers. Loading speed is critical for your visitors. Before choosing a hosting provider make sure pages on other websites hosted by this company load fast, see how quickly connection is established, and whether the server is able to respond quickly.


Value for money:

Depending on the host, the price of Web hosting varies. When choosing the most suitable host for your website, you have to balance the quality of the service and the features you require and your budget.


Hosting packages:

You need a package that would suit your specific needs available with this WordPress host:

  1. Shared hosting: It is the most popular type of hosting chosen by WordPress users. It basically means that multiple websites share a large server’s resources. It can be a smart choice for WordPress users with small budgets as it is very cost efficient, and to be fair, advances in technology and competitive environment have made shared hosting a bit more reliable. However you should expect more downtime and slower performance and if you choose a smaller company that does not have big resources, you might also end up with inefficient support. Shared hosting is also the least secure hosting.
  2. VPS hosting: A virtual private server (VPS) is a shared server that has had its resources fully divided between two or more clients. With this configuration, you are guaranteed these resources and you always know what you have available, and no crossover occurs between clients. This kind of hosting is suitable for websites, which experience heavy traffic or require individual software installations.Unlike shared hosting, other users on your server that may have security issues usually cannot negatively affect you.This model is a compromise between pricy dedicated server and unreliable shared hosting models.
  3. Dedicated hosting: With dedicated hosting package, you can either own and maintain your own machine or you can lease or purchase one in a data center. The server can be managed by your own IT team, or it may be managed by the hosting provider. Although this hosting package is the most expensive, it is also the most flexible.
  4. E-commerce hosting:eCommerce hosting is a package developed specifically for those who conduct sales through a WordPress website. It includes additional features, such as electronic shopping cart, credit card processing, online marketing tools etc.
  5. Cloud hosting: You might have heard about cloud hosting, which is a kind of hosting that uses virtual private servers (VPS) that can be dynamically changed in terms of memory and computational power. Cloud hosting allows a greater degree of flexibility for providers when they allocate resources to each user on their system.


Customer support:

Ideally, your WordPress host should be available to answer your questions and solve hosting-related issues 24/7 via multiple communication channels, such as phone, email and live chat. You should be able to directly contact a friendly and knowledgeable support specialist in case of real problems. Check clients’ feedback about this aspect of the hosting company you want to choose. Normally, smaller companies care more about their clients, while large hosting companies have more resources to accommodate multiple requests.

Now, as for less obvious criteria, here are a few that you should keep in mind when looking for the most suitable hosting provider for your website.



To avoid your website being hacked your host should have security systems in place to deter common attacks. Although you are expected to be in charge of your website’s security system (which is all the more necessary if you run business through your WordPress website), your hosting company should provide you with the first defensive line.



WordPress has its own set of requirements which your hosting will need to satisfy. Currently it needs to be running on PHP 5.6 (or greater) and MySQL 5.6 (or greater) OR MariaDB version 10.0 or greater to avoid security vulnerabilities and broken features. Look for a host with a good track record dealing with WordPress websites.


Timely upgrades:

You need your hosting provider to ensure timely upgrade to the most recent WordPress version and all your plugins, to make your site less vulnerable. At least your hosting provider should send you emails about available WordPress updates.


Backup system:

Depending on the type of your website you may want to have your website back up done on daily basis. This is a very valid requirement if you run an eCommerce business and are afraid to lose any data due to a crash. Unfortunately, many hosting providers still offer weekly backups.



It should be easy to remotely access your website and server through a control panel application.


1-click install option:

Many hosting providers offer this option to let you install WordPress with just a few clicks (normally within 10-15 minutes) from within the hosting control panel. Although 1-click install option is argued to involve a certain level of risk for your website, you can create your profile and get started immediately.

Once you have evaluated the WordPress hosting providers and found the one that offers a package that matches your requirements and budget, you are ready to start your website.

You may know that all of D5 Creation Themes are coded maintaining all WordPress Standards (for example Simplicity). So any Standard Plugin should run with our Themes without any issue.

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