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Worst SEO Copywriting Errors

Top 7 Worst SEO Copywriting Errors Damaging Your Business

Whilst SEO is a hugely important and, at this point, ubiquitous field for all businesses with an online presence, it is not something that is always done correctly. Part of this relates to its perceived simplicity and to the large number of untrained freelancers who try their hand at it before truly understanding how to handle a real piece of SEO copywriting. Some of the time, the damage is negligible. Some of the time, it’s serious. Let’s take a look at the 7 fatal SEO copywriting mistakes or errors for you to avoid.

1. Weak Content

Content is so, so valuable for all companies in the modern age. A company that specializes in washer-dryer units might want to maintain a strong social media presence and needs blog posts once a week about washer-dryer units. The thing is, words on paper isn’t enough. SEO copywriting needs to be embedded in posts that are actually readable, not mind-numbingly uninteresting. A good SEO copywriter is also just a good writer, period. Posts need to be full of useful information. They have to give actionable details about the topic and people reading it need to have a good idea of what they need to do once they are done reading. It needs to have short, understandable sentences and words people use all the time, not fancy jargon words. The content needs to be relatable and interesting. People won’t read or share something that just wastes their time.

2. Writing Poorly

Writing Poorly

Similar to the point above, this relates to readability. Except, I this instance, we’re talking about legibility not enjoyment factor. You can have your keyword game polished up nicely, but if you’re posts are riddled with spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, confusing language and display a lack of a grasp on writing, you’ve got big problems. Be careful especially if English (or your chosen language) isn’t your first language. It’s very much worth your time to hire someone with a real grasp of the language.

Grammar and spelling errors are often hard to notice but they ruin your credibility. You can’t expect someone to believe you and think that you are the right person to trust if you can’t even spell simple words right. Especially so if sentences you create make no sense. So, yes, if you are not confident in your English writing skills, it’s better to get someone to review your posts or simply write them completely. You can still have your own ideas and your own messages, but well-written as well. In any case, it’s good to review your posts several times for readability and overall accuracy or have someone else review them for you.

3. Over-Prioritizing Individual Keywords

Keywords are very important, as you probably already know. And, it’s pretty likely that you’ll have a specific keyword, your product for example, that you really want emphasized. Always, regardless of the situation, do a keyword ranking. It’s foolish to rely too heavily on the net that a single keyword can cast. Use lots of different ones to appeal more widely. Of course, the keywords that you use need to make sense in the context of the post. You can’t just stuff keywords for the sake of keywords - you have to make sure that you can fit them in nicely and that everything makes sense, even though the keyword is there.

4. Lack of Research

This one is a killer if you’re outsourcing particularly. Copywriters often have a strange relationship to the company they are writing for. They often don’t have any motivation to really make a success of a post on the company’s behalf. Even worse, many companies intentionally keep their hired copywriters in the dark and at a distance. Aside from being a bit rude, this can lead to wildly ill-informed copy. Even if this isn’t happening it is always important that, as a copywriter, you research your field thoroughly. You might be clever at spinning out words without the knowledge to support, but over time the cracks will start to appear. Every time you write something, you have to dedicate hours to research first and then move on to writing. You have to understand the product or the service that you are working with and then write about it. It’s also important to understand the values of the company that you are writing for and you need to translate the brand personality and voice well into the article you are writing.

5. Keyword Stuffing

By now, you have probably been preached to incessantly on the virtue of abandoning keyword stuffing your content for SEO. But I’m going to say it anyway. Don’t keyword stuff your content! It’s not 2002, the algorithms for these sorts of things have evolved into finely tuned instruments that won’t be fooled by you putting the phrase ‘washer-dryer’ 100 times in each article. In fact, you’ll be punished for it. So, treat search engines with the respect they deserve and take a smarter approach to your copywriting. Your content has to be refined to the point that it’s written for humans, not for search engines. It has to provide value and meaning with every sentence. You need to keep your readers reading. Them just viewing your page briefly doesn’t mean anything to the search engines but if they stay for longer, it can improve your ranking.

Keyword Stuffing

6. Relying On Spellcheck

A lot of copywriters need to write a lot of copy. A single SEO copywriter could e delivering an article to a dozen different companies on a single day. When you’re under that kind of pressure, it’s important that you resist the temptation to cut corners in your work. The biggest cutting corner technique is using spell check in place of a good, thorough proofread. The problem is, spellcheck is deeply flawed and can leave you looking pretty silly. Read it through.

The best way to do things is to print your text out and then read through it. Mark all of your mistakes and areas that could be better with a red pen and then fix it all in the digital format. Make sure that you do this for every text you do. It will improve the quality of your writing and allow you to provide even more value for your clients.

You can also edit in the digital format, but then just change the font so you can spot all of your mistakes with ease. The thing is, your eyes get used to one font and you don’t see the mistakes anymore. But if you change it, you’ll be able to see more of them.

7. Failing To Do Keyword Research

OK, you know everything there is to know about the washer-dryer industry and you feel ready to write some great content. Pause: do you know what keywords you should use? It’s not as simple as coming up with them yourself. Do your research.


SEO copywriting can be a very powerful tool for companies, and it can be a great way to make money as a freelancer or other professional. The important thing is that you remain vigilant always and don’t slip into the habits that, slowly and surely, will make your copywriting stale and ineffective.

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