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No More STARTER and ADVANCED Memberships

D5 Creation started the Premium WordPress Theme distribution through STARTER Membership. The Membership Levels of STARTER and ADVANCED were popular until we started developing the Extend Edition of Themes. Now a days, the DEVELOPER Membership has become the most Popular Plan for Premium WordPress Themes and WordPress Templates. Now it is very rare that Users become STARTER and ADVANCED Members. We have seen only 01 STARTER and 01 ADVANCED Member last month.

The happy news is that D5 Creation has introduced a new type of Membership named “ONE THEME” which will provide the opportunity to download any one Extend Edition Themes for a minimal cost. Thus new members will be benefited by using the Extend Theme for their Websites with Full Functionality and Features.

WordPress Themes Membership
The sad news is that D5 Creation is closing the doors for new STARTER and ADVANCED Membership creation. We will not accept any STARTER and ADVANCED Members anymore. The Existing STARTER and ADVANCED Members will receive their facilities, features, themes as before which was described in the Membership Page. You can find the lists here as an image.

We are grateful to the First STARTER Member Mr. and First ADVANCED Member Mr.

We are also grateful to our existing and previous STARTER and ADVANCED Members for their trust to D5 Creation as a Development Partner.

D5 Creation is always committed to provide the best quality themes with minimal files and modern design. All of you may know that all of our themes are WordPress approved and developed maintaining all WordPress coding standards. All of our themes are fast loading and optimized properly for SEO. You can compare our themes with any world class themes you may find elsewhere. We are also committed to provide the best support service. We didn’t receive any complain about our support service during the history of D5 Creation.

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