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The Ultimate Guide to A Successful Travel Website Design

Traveling becomes an important part of human lives. Some people travel for attending business meetings, marketing & promotions of business, and making money. For some, traveling is the way to reach a new destination where they can spend vacations with family and loved ones. Previously, these types of people used to visit the travel agencies for gathering information and all required bookings like hotel rooms, transportation, and so on.

In today’s modern and technical era, the majority of individuals choose online sources. They search for a good travel website that offers different types of plans or packages for vacations. During all these things, everyone focuses on the travel website design first. It is one of the biggest reasons that’s why all travel agencies should have an impressive website to connect with the clients and serve them perfectly.

Reasons for Having an Impressive Travel Website


Having a website for offering your travel plans will leave a good impression on the clients. It presents your packages and their features effectively by which the chances of conversions are improved. Along with it, a website can easily increase website credibility as well. It works as a source of gaining the audience’s trust.

Brand Image

In today’s marketplace, the most important thing is the identity and all service providers are trying to differentiate themselves by creating a separate identity. If you have an online source with an impressive travel website design, then you can do it as well. It depends on your choice and taste, how you are going to design your website, or what kind of elements you want to add. You need to remember one thing, a website will become the face of your business.

Visual Effects

While dealing with clients online, you can get help from the visual effects to impress them. In these types of businesses, visual effects like images and videos are highly useful. It transmits your message to the clients with effectiveness and encourages them to avail of your services.

Business Growth

Offering services with an attractive website is not only useful in increasing conversions but also boosts your reach and chances of business growth. It also helps you in boosting your availability of services and gets clients any time and from anywhere.

These are some basic reasons for having an impressive travel website and enlarge your business at a fast pace.

Major Tips for an Amazing Travel Website Design

While creating the website design, everyone has to follow a proper procedure and keep different aspects in mind. Here, you will get information about some major ones.

Proper Research

Research is key to quality results. In the research, you have to analyze the competitors, market, and audience deeply. You can know how your competitors and market are functioning. With it, you can figure out the requirements and interests of the audience by which you can know what kind of elements you have to add on the website to impress them.

Advanced Search Feature

Whenever someone visits your website for services, then he/she does not like to access multiple pages or options. Everyone tries to get help from the search features. Here, you should provide an advanced search option that can save the time and effort of your clients. It will help them in getting the best and highly suitable option only.

Impressive Landing & Homepage

“The first impression is the last impression” all we are introduced to such a term. For leaving a good impression on the clients, you should design your homepage and landing page professionally. You should add:

  • Appealing & encouraging content
  • Stunning and impressive visuals
  • Trustworthy partners
  • Highlight discounted offers

All these things can be useful in providing an interactive interface for visitors. The homepage and landing page are two main destinations from where a user will go through your website. Keeping both pages highly informative and impressive can help you in boosting the chances of conversions easily.

World renowned Travel WordPress Theme is a popular choice for designing a Travel Website. You can try with the official WordPress Approved Free Version first.

Quality Media Content

Without visual media, you cannot expect a travel website design. With it, you have to focus on the quality of shared media content as well. You can upload multiple images or videos related to different tourist places. You need to make sure all media files are having high-quality standards.

Having low-quality images on the website will lead to blurry effects. It is not good for impressing the visitors and encouraging them to access your service plans. While sharing the media content, you have to follow the optimization guidelines as well. It is the only way by which you can manage the website loading speed easily.

Lazy Load

When anyone searches for services on your website, then he/she may get lots of results quickly. Sometimes, the website server starts consuming more time to load all results and present it in front of the visitors. It leads to some negative effects as well such as:

  • Lower website loading speed
  • Poor user experience

Lazy load appears as the best option here. It will present data on searches with some specific limits only. Here, the users will get some specific numbers of results only. When a user scrolls the page for more results, then it loads more. Consequently, you can maintain both the website's loading speed and a better user-experience easily.

Different Elements

Most of the individuals are making mistakes by keeping the design of the complete website and all pages similar. It is not good from the user-experience point of view. Before finalizing the design, you have to understand the purpose of the page and do some deep research. You should try to differentiate the design of all pages as per their purpose and aim. For example, you can use a grid design for representing data on a blog page. For the gallery page, you can pick the option of collages. It will boost the effectiveness of travel website design and help you in beating the competitors.

Be Informative

The purpose of creating a travel website is highly similar to an eCommerce website. The major difference is, an eCommerce website offers different types of products, and the travel website offers different types of travel packages.

On both websites, the business owners want to impress the visitors and sell their products & services. Here, you should keep the product & service page fully informative. You have to add all possible details by which the visitors don’t need to access other sources or pages for gathering complete data.

  • Details of complete tour or journey
  • Itinerary map
  • Package pricing with proper segmentation (no hidden charges)
  • Detailed information about the tour schedule
  • Services & facilities your plans include

It will lead to a great impression on the visitors and save their time as well. Consequently, they can make the final decision quickly and access your service plan without wasting a single minute.

Contact Us Form

Contact us form is a source by which the users can contact you or raise any questions or queries. You have to keep the design of a contact us form simple and fully user-friendly. It should be easy to understand and access. Along with it, you can provide some other contact features such as live chat and call.


Previously, you get complete information from the visitors’ point of view. Along with these factors, you have to keep your website SEO-friendly. To get success in the online market and achieve the desired objectives, you need SEO support. Your website can get ranked if it is SEO and search engine friendly. While creating the travel website design, you should keep it in mind and build a website with the support of an SEO professional.

Paying attention to these tips and factors will be useful in creating a perfect online travel portal. For availing of the quality web design services, you should try to hire the best service provider who has experience in designing travel websites.

Author : Ravi Sharma

Ravi Sharma, CEO of Webomaze is a highly enthusiastic entrepreneur. He has got a great grip on the idea of effective eCommerce Strategies, SEO processes, and tactics which are vital for virtual exposure.

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