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Are You a Webmaster? Read This and Increase Your Productivity Tenfold!

Every business needs to have a website. We are living in the information age. Consumers head directly to the Internet when searching for products or services. As such, it is necessary to have a website describing what your business has to offer. This way, consumers can discover you, your products and even choose to buy from you. For a professional-looking website, you need to employ professional webmasters. It is a good idea to hire a website design company to build your site for you. It may be expensive but it is a good and lasting investment. One of the tools that the webmaster can use to build your website is a wordpress template. Read on to learn more about it.

What is a wordpress template?

A template is one of the tools available in the WordPress Content Management System (CMS) website development suite. It is a framework that helps you to add content to your web pages during development. This framework allows webmasters to add text, images and media to the website.

WordPress templates have unique names and purposes. For example, there is a template known as header.php. This template is used to add content to the header area of your website. You can add some text or even an image in this header template. Any editing conducted in this area is saved into a single header file. This way, once you add content to the template, it is posted in the header area of every web page in your site. WordPress websites normally have a number of templates provided for you by default. They include:

  1. Main index.php: This template helps to generate the main webpage in your website
  2. php: This one is used to edit the header section of your web pages
  3. php: This template indicates html code for a sidebar in your web pages
  4. php: This is the exact opposite of the header template. It helps you to edit and adjust the footer section in your web pages
  5. Theme functions.php: This template allows you to edit and establish a unique theme for your web pages. It allows you to specify some code and some functions to accomplish this.
  6. php: If you have a web page that has a single piece of text, an image or a piece of media, this is the template that is used to create that page.
  7. php: This template is ideal for collecting comments from your visitors.

One of the features of WordPress templates is that you can add them into each other. For instance, you can combine the sidebar, header and footer templates into the single.php template. The WordPress CMS allows you to add as many templates as possible. There are some themes that automatically perform this on your templates.

You can find a theme that may not have the single.php template. Once you apply it in your WordPress site, the CMS will immediately generate a template such as index.php to perform the job of the single.php template. The WordPress templates have a number of characteristics that make them preferred by webmasters from a web design company based in New York. Read on to learn more about them.

Characteristics of WordPress templates

They make it easier to build a website

WordPress templates make it easier to build websites. They allow you to drag and drop content into the web pages. This saves you time because you do not have to perform any coding, HTML editing or programming. The templates come with readymade frameworks for you.

You can design and construct unique web pages

You can build a unique website that shows your personality or business theme using WordPress templates. For example D5 Creation provide lots of free premium and extended wordpress themes. All themes are developed maintained the WordPress Coding and Designing Standards strictly. You can change the size and arrangement of the sections in the framework such that they fit your desires. You can also determine the content that you want to put in the sections so that you are able to create web pages that communicate what you want. There are literally thousands of WordPress templates. As such, the chances of picking the same template as another business in your sector are very low. These templates allow you create web pages quickly while reflecting the message and theme that you want for your business.

Available SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process where the online visibility of a website is promoted. This process helps a website rank higher in the search engine results, become more well-known across social media as well as other directories across the Internet. Many webmasters use this process to increase the competitive edge of their websites. Having as many people as possible see and visit your website is the number one priority. WordPress templates come with tools that help you to conduct SEO on your website.

Normally, you would have to search for and download these tools individually for the purpose of SEO. However, the WordPress templates come with built-in tools for SEO. There is a search tool that you can use to perform online campaigns. This tool also helps you to tag any content you desire, create URLs that are rich in keywords and see the progress of your SEO efforts. In addition to that, the WordPress templates allow you to add plugins to help you achieve better SEO.

You receive vendor support

When you use WordPress templates to build your website, you receive some updates and upgrades from the WordPress developers. These services help to fix any problems that may arise with your templates. Examples of problems are bugs and security issues. The updates also help to add new features in the templates. They increase your productivity as the webmaster of your website.


WordPress templates assist you to build your website quickly. They are effective. This ensures that your website runs properly when visitors browse through it or purchase some items from you. The WordPress templates are reliable and good building blocks for your website.

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