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Why Should WordPress Developers be taken more seriously?

It is a known fact in the developer community that those using WordPress for developing websites are not considered seriously. In fact they are treated as sub-par developers simply for using WordPress which is considered more of a blog creating platform. Why is this discrimination? Some people are of the view that WordPress is not a complete website developer platform and that is why those using them are not considered as true website developers.

Nevertheless, WordPress has some great features and benefits that make it the favorite of the developers. Let us first have a look at these features and benefits:


Features of WordPress

Open Source CMS: Being an open source content management system makes WordPress the favorite of developers. It provides easy access to developers.

Established and popular platform: Despite what is being said about WordPress, it is the most widely used platform. Some big brands and business houses use the platform for their online activities.

Easily extendable: The platform has a great acceptability as it can be easily extended. The filters and actions of the platform can be extended as required.


Benefits of WordPress

Here are some of the benefits of WordPress that make it a favorite platform for developers:

  1. Search engine optimization: Those opposing WordPress argue that the platform is not SEO friendly. However, it is easy to fix this as WordPress offers several plugins and extensions that make the content SEO friendly. You can make your content search engine optimized by using SEO friendly plugins like Yoast.
  2. Easy to use: Creating a professional looking site with WordPress is easy as the platform is highly intuitive and easy to use. This makes it convenient for those that do not have professional designers to create high quality websites. It is easy to install plugins and adding content is simple and quick. The dashboard of WordPress is easy enough to add, edit or delete content without the help of a web designer.
  1. Quick and easy installation: Installing WordPress is like cakewalk. It requires a single click installation and you are on your way to creating a professional looking website with WordPress. Almost all hosting providers offer quick and easy WordPress installation.
  1. Secure platform: While no platform can be considered hundred percent secure, WordPress offers decent security. There are vulnerabilities but you can use the security plugins to ensure the safety of your website content. In addition, you should also take regular backups of your website and its database to ensure that in case of any hassles, you can have the data back.
  1. Hundreds of handy Plugins: WordPress offers hundreds of useful plugins for easy integration. With the given plugins, you can integrate with the social media, track your site’s metrics, do a podcast, turn your website into an online store and do so many other things. In fact you have a plugin for every possible activity on the internet. You can customize your site easily using the plugin.
  1. Strong community support: one of the greatest benefits of WordPress is that you have strong community support. With the share of WordPress developers being more than 25%, it is common knowledge that the numbers of people using it and supporting it are immense. You can find help from the community by way of online tutorials, eBooks, message boards and blogs. You can post your question on any of these options and you will get an answer.
  1. Theme customization: WordPress offers several themes to customize your website. Whatever your choice of look for your website, you are sure to find plenty of plugins for the same. You can find several templates that can be easily customized and used for the creation of your website.
  1. Regular updates: WordPress being an open source platform is used by so many people around the world. For this reason, it is updated regularly by the development community. These updates help in fixing the bugs and offering new features and functionality to the platform and those using it. Therefore WordPress is not static and is continually updated.

The above mentioned benefits show that WordPress is an ideal open source CMS for developers. It provides several plugins that help you do all those tasks that can be on other platforms as well. Therefore, you can easily choose WordPress for website creation.


Reasons why WordPress developers should be taken seriously

Now that we have discussed the features and benefits of WordPress as a content management system, we need to see why WordPress developers should be taken more seriously. Here are some reasons supporting the notion:

Architecture Plugins: Developers writing well architecture plugins, themes and applications are actually doing a great job as they are providing quality support to their community. Some of these plugins are actually very well structured and they set a benchmark for other developers.

Use bleeding edge tools: The tools and frameworks available with WordPress are at par with the other developer communities like Go, Ruby and Python. Using these tools for website creation is quite easy.

Solve complex website architecture: There is no denying the fact that challenges make developers strong. Those working on WordPress have to go past challenges like website design, architecture, and user interface and so on. Because creating websites with WordPress is easy, they are sometimes faced with the problem of correcting semi-decent websites. However, solving complex or sub-decent website architecture and design makes a developer better.

Better team players: WordPress, as mentioned earlier offers good quality community support. The developers or players can be considered good team players as they know how to support their team and their community. This is a skill that is desirable of any developer. For this reason, it makes sense to take WordPress developers seriously.



There is no denying the fact that WordPress started out as a blogging platform. However, with continuous support and updates from its community, it is now a full-fledged content management system (CMS). It is increasingly being used by business owners from different niches to develop websites. Therefore, WordPress developers must not be looked upon as any less.

Author : Nirdesh Singh

Nirdesh Singh has 10 years of experience in IT sector. Fashionbuzzer.com and wpfixs.com are in-house products of his company. He has researched upon various Business ideologies and methodologies which has enhanced his expertise and credibility in this arena.  He loves to write and share about technology, startups and business very often related to his business

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