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5 Key Secrets To Running An Effective SEO Campaign

The future belongs to the brave, who are willing to make use of the best practices in Search Engine Optimization, SEO, to have a leg up on the competition. In order for you to have a website which achieves its primary raison d’etre, which is to attract visitors and convert them into customers who will purchase your product or service, you must invest some resources into running an effective SEO campaign.

Let us take back one step and get a basic understanding of how search engines algorithms work. The search engines deploy special pieces of software, referred to as robots, to scour the internet perusing through documents and indexing them according to such factors as relevance to keywords and originality of content in order to assign them a rank on the Search Engine Results Page, SERPs. The better your web page satisfies the algorithms criteria, the higher up your results will be on the SERPs.


You Must Have A Basic Understanding of SEO

Well, there are two ways of going about this whole exercise. One, you can learn the ropes one by one and hopefully after a lot of trial and error  become a master at SEO and use it effectively on your website. Or due to the urgency of the task, you can use expert local seo services to get the job done for you in a faster way. Either way, it is important to have a basic understanding of how a proper SEO campaign is put together.

An understanding about how an SEO campaign is run should not just be left to the professionals. It is important that you as the owner of the website invest a little time in getting to know the bare bones of the process. The first step to gaining mastery of this subject is to sign up for handy tools such as Google’s or Bing’s webmasters tools. These tools will slowly ease you up into the world of good SEO practices, not only with respect to each individual search engine but also across the board.


The Process

For instance Google’s webmaster tools will teach you about important terms such as keywords in no technical jargon and you will also be given up to date information on your websites health and speed, optimal layout, broken links and web bot crawler errors and how to go about optimizing your website(s) to ensure that they are at the top of the ranking table.


  • Research- It is very important that you undertake exhaustive research on the keywords that are appropriate to your niche and you can do this by using tools that are readily available on the internet. While at the same time engage on some espionage on your competitors, since you stand to learn a lot from strategies that have been used effectively elsewhere.
  • Keyword Targeting – After you are done with part one above, it is now time to use the appropriate web tools to make sure that you have the proper keywords for your website or business live on your site.
  • On Site SEO – This means going under hood of your own website and checking that every SEO implementation is done and done well. A key thing to implement includes the use of original, fresh and high quality content on your website.
  • Off Site SEO – This refers to activities that relate to external websites as they matter with respect to your SEO. In this category we have issues such as maintaining a social media presence, being indexed on web directories and making your content shareable.
  • Repeat – Use this four pronged approach which follows a simple formula; review your work, make detailed reports and study them to make improvements, tweak your SEO based on the report you generated and repeat. If you engage in this continuous loop you will soon begin to see a marked, positive improvement in your overall SEO rankings.


Ongoing Process

Though not exhaustive the points raised above will work to point you in the direction that is sure to increase your website’s ranking on the SERPs.  And also the above checklist will help you understand what your expectations should be in relation to the SEO services that you have paid for from the professionals.

You will be able to better interrogate the process of SEO and hopefully kick start your understanding of what the process entails and its importance to your business. It is also important to point out at this juncture that this is an ongoing process and that it takes quite some time, roughly 3 months, before you can fully meter the efficacy of a far reaching SEO campaign.

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