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Noteworthy SEO tools that should not be overlooked

The performance of SEO is based on how accurately it usesassimilated data and information. SEO has turned out to be an integral part of marketing activities and for small business it is also one of its best friends. For small business, often SEO is the only marketing resource that is made use of. This happens because small business has limited resources and money to build an elaborate marketing set up and relies on the powers of SEO that is much more cost effective. Building brands, increasing reach and earning revenues – the fundamental marketing activities can all be undertaken by SEO.

In order to implement SEO successfully, it has to be done rightly and then monitored and controlled properly to gauge its progress and impact. Tracking and measuring performance and unearthing the weak areas are ongoing process that has to be undertaken continuously. If correctly done, it adds true value to the SEO initiatives but if it falters then it can have huge negative impact on business.  Therefore, in the interest of doing it correctly you have to acquire proper SEO tools that help to manage your SEO campaign efficiently. There are many different kinds of SEO tools available and you have to select the ones that serve your purpose of performance management.


New SEO tools are being discovered regularly

There is intense competition out there in the market and SEO is evolving to stay relevant and powerful as ever before. The rules of the game are being changed from time to time by Google, so as to make SEO more effective. While the methods of implementing SEO are also evolving so are new tools being discovered to cope up with the change and manage SEO in a better way. Three such SEO tools have been discussed in this post that is supposed to give more teeth to your SEO campaign.


WebCEO – The custodian of your SEO campaign

It would be wrong to say that WebCEO is a new tool because its cloud based version is available already since 2011.  The same tool that has won accolades and awards is now available in for installation on your system as desktop version. As the name suggests, the functionality of the tool is widespread as it oversees the entire SEO campaign just in the way a CEO oversees the operations of a company.

The most attractive feature of the tool is that it allows you to configure a customized domain that has your own design and logo. This can be used to run the SEO tools. This feature helps those who use SEO for brand building.

Needless to say, the tool is easy to install, has good usability and has been provided with API.  The wide scope of the tool allows access to collaborative features like Buzztracker, HTML editor and the functionality of While Label domain. It provides a checklist for action and has capabilities of SEO errors auditing together with dead link functions.  Features of detecting keywords in relation to the brand and blogs are also provided.

The wide expanse of the tool can be understood from its coverage of areas like link building, site metricsand social media. Its power to support marketing is demonstrated by the marketing analytics that indicates the marketing ability of the SEO campaign.


Tiny Ranker – the rank tracking tool

The power of keywords in SEO campaign needs no introduction to any online SEO company.  Keywords are like the alphabets of any language without which you simply cannot start writing or launch any SEO campaign. The kind of keywords used in SEO determines its success in gaining good ranks. Therefore, a lot of research is going all around for finding the most suitable keywords for SEO campaigns. Finding the keywords is important no doubt but how it is performing has also to be known.  Unless keywords prove that it is driving traffic to websites it loses its importance in the SEO campaign.  Tools are available for all these functions.

Among the different tools that are available for determining keyword positions and rankings, Tiny Tracker has just broken into the scene. This keyword tracking tool has been discovered in the Nordic countries of Denmark and Norway. The newness is highlighted by the super user friendly presentation of the tool that attracts users.  The tool is highly effective in tracking keywords throughout the day and presents daily report. Based on the report you are able to understand how the keywords are performing.

Like any other tools, Tiny Ranker saves a lot of your time in tracking all keywords for its position and ranking.  It helps to streamline your efforts of on page SEO optimization. It also keeps a watch on the keywords used by your competitors.  The Dashboard of the tool is easy to manage and any number of websites can be analyzed without limit. Overall website performance is also captured by the tool.



UpCity is the SEO tool which is inbound marketing software that empowers SEO managers with more precise and perfect insight into SEO campaigns.  The tool that has been developed by a Chicago based company is designed with the objective of simplification of SEO and is thus very attractive for newcomers. However, it is equally effective for seasoned players.  By using the tool you will be able to evaluate how your website is performing on various platforms like the mobile devices, local SEO and social media. The performance is measured by the amount of visibility as more visible websites demonstrate better SEO performance.

It is easy to install this user friendly tool that also helps to manage your publications on the social media. Keyword ranking monitoring is also performed by the tool that provides indications about ways of improving your SEO campaign.  The best part is that it shows the way for steps to be taken to complete the tasks that are on hand.

The reports generated by using the tool will arm you with data that gives direction to what has to be done to improve the overall SEO performance.

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