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5 Myths About WordPress

The rapid development of internet technologies allowed to streamline the process of website development. WordPress is self-explanatory as it’s one of the best content management systems in the world.


Despite its obvious advantages, there are people who think WP-websites have a plenty of downsides. Actually, it’s an ordinary course. Tastes differ. However, it is worth pointing out that people often ignore this platform because of various rumors without ascertaining themselves.

There’s no point in believing all the myths about WordPress. It remains a powerful semantic platform and it has a great set of features. So it’s high time to disperse these myths.


Myth 1. WordPress is suitable only for small business

WordPress is a universal system that is perfect for any business, regardless of size. Perhaps,  some business areas require a site-specific problem solving, but large companies tend to have a lot of sites, including blogs and newsletters, and in this case, the use of WordPress is more than justified. For instance, it is used by The New York Times Company, TechCrunch, several major universities, the list is substantive. It reflects the flexibility and convenience of the system.


Myth 2. WordPress sites are not suitable for e-commerce

WordPress is a full-fledged CMS, which can offer many solutions for business.

Therefore, those who believe that using WordPress you cannot create a functional e-commerce site, are badly mistaken. It is a myth that can significantly damage the business. If major companies use it, it means that the system has everything to build a profitable website. The plenty of plugins, including free ones, can implement any idea for business.


Myth 3. WP-plugins are unreliable

WordPress offers thousands of plugins that extend the functionality of the site, but they need to be chosen wisely. Before you install the new plugin, it is better to read the reviews carefully and see the ratings. It’s also necessary not to forget about the timeous updating of plugins.


Myth 4. WordPress doesn’t offer website support

This is a misconception. WordPress was created a long time ago, it's the years of difficult work by many web developers and it would be surprising if they left this question unanswered. WordPress creators did their best to make the process of the website maintenance as simple as possible.


In fact, you do not have the possibility to call tech support and report the problem. But there is a huge number of forums and online communities that provide support. Most of the problems connected with work on WordPress sites have long been resolved, all the necessary data is freely available.


Myth 5. WordPress doesn’t hold high traffic

Many people  believe that WordPress sites do not cope with the large influx of users. Therefore, if the project is planned to be highly visited, you need to abandon this CMS. It is not right. In fact, websites are crashing not because they are created on the basis of WordPress, but due to various technical problems, such as hosting.


In order not to have problems with the security and performance, you just need to host your site on a reliable and well-protected server. By the way, do not forget about the flexibility of WordPress. The system allows to restore the site quickly after the problems, causing by high traffic.


In a nutshell

If you need to find the optimal solution for your website, WordPress is a worthwhile choice. This platform will help to get certain advantages. Do not judge the book by its cover. Yes, the system is free, but this does not mean that it is bad, as it is frontmost not only for small business, but for major companies.


If you want to try and ascertain in WordPress reliability and flexibility, D5 Creation provides you a list of free WordPress themes.

Author : Alina Kemakh

Alina Kemakh is a marketing writer at Erminesoft. She likes writing articles as in writing she sees the working of the mind and imagination

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