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Choose the Right Theme: 5 WordPress Themes for Better Business

Despite the old saying, it’s obvious that people do, in fact, judge a book simply by its cover. When you choose a WordPress theme that doesn’t quite gel with your niche, it can drive people away. When it doesn’t quite look right, it can confuse people, or worse, make them think that you are less than reputable.

Free themes are the easiest choice, but they not only look low quality but generally lack the advanced features your brand needs to succeed. On the other hand, premium themes can quickly add up, and some just don’t work the way you had hoped. Before you know it, you’ve already paid for an expensive new template, and you aren’t even able to use it properly.

The problem with many themes is that they are created from the standpoint of a webmaster, not a blogger. Either they’re too complex, or they work from a technical point of view, and not what works best visually. I’ve selected some of my favorite layouts that combine functionality and user simplicity, offering a better design option no matter what your needs may be.


Selfie/Selfie Extend

Do you have a creative project, photo blog, or artwork that you want the world to know about in all its glory? Selfie is a simple to use multipurpose layout that is perfect for creative blogs in mind. By keeping your posts restricted to one page, users aren’t leafing through tab after tab just to see what it is you offer. And with a fully responsive layout, your creations are on display properly, no matter what device they happen to be reading from at the time.

Because it’s one page and fully customizable, Selfie is ideal for any business or blog.  The makers kept Selfie looking both simple and professional, and when you customize it to your specific need, it’ll perform exactly how you had hoped. For an easy to read all-in-one layout, it’s tough to beat Selfie.


NewsPress Lite/NewsPress Extend

Many sites are looking to get into journalism in one form or another, whether it is another entertainment gossip column, clickbait lists, legitimate news, or creating an online magazine. However, one complaint we kept seeing online was a lack of a theme that could be used across multiple publication styles. Some users were becoming frustrated with templates that looked too “newsy” or too much like a tabloid, making it hard to set their blogs up for success.

NewsPress delivers as an all-in-one journalistic theme, with a plethora of spaces for headlines, easy image, and media implementation, and plenty of dedicated spaces to link out to separate sections of your site. The combined functionality of a traditional newspaper website with the vibrancy and excitement of an online magazine gives users everything they need to set up their publication empire. What makes this template different is the use of unlimited slides and multiple layers. This can be used to give readers additional insights, or even help keep your page evenly spaced.


Discussion/Discussion Extend

Sometimes it can be difficult finding a layout that is every bit as bold and exciting as you are. Many users become frustrated, opting to use a dedicated forum or Facebook group instead. While this is definitely an option, it is not an ideal one as these forms of communication are even blander and difficult to optimize for SEO strategies.

Whether you plan to create an online tutorial, community, or have an exciting idea or movement you’re trying to get off the ground; Discussion has everything you need in a layout. With Discussion you get a notice board-like layout that utilizes sheets and pins that bring the most relevant pages to the forefront. With striking color schemes and simple design, your site comes equipped for e-commerce and educating the masses.


Small Business/Small Business Extend

Who doesn’t know the struggle of owning a small business blog? From being unable to find a template that makes you look and feel like a “real” business, to layouts that make you seem like you’re trying to appear larger than you truly are, a lot of templates just don’t get the job done right. The results always dissatisfied small business owners trying to find something better.

The Small Business theme solves that problem. By utilizing an elegant design that retains a professional finish, Small Business adds legitimacy to any sized company while maintaining functional for any user.

Because it’s hard enough finding a general layout for a small business idea, I really liked how many factors are customizable. This allows Small Business to be efficient, no matter what industry you may compete in. From customizable backgrounds, featured images, and automatically featured posts, you can perform like the bigger guys easier than ever.


Beauty and Spa/Beauty and Spa Extend

I noticed a surprising amount of overlap in both the health spa and wellness sectors and the fashion and beauty niches. Rather than make two separate recommendations for run-of-the-mill templates, there is one powerful layout that works with these different applications. Whether you run a tanning salon, health studio, a makeup tutorial blog or sell beauty supplies, this layout is an excellent choice for your needs.

Beauty and Spa combines functions of e-stores, blogs, small business pages, and brick-and-mortar businesses to create an all-in-one layout for your blog. Bright, beautiful, and many opportunities to include images and other media, you’ll love how eye catching yet simple Beauty, and Spa is. Although specifically designed for health and beauty blogs in mind, this layout is completely customizable and can be utilized for nearly niche or market.

Once again, single page layouts have turned out to be the most efficient when trying to reduce space and load times without sacrificing functionality. Easy to use and even simpler to navigate, I love how pages look with Beauty and Spa. From local business postings to online blogs, this layout has some of the best features.

Author : Sachin Gupta

Sachin Gupta, marketing for Code Brew, has a lot of experience in building his own start ups from the ground and handling all the marketing needs for top notch start ups and enterprises. His experience in tech start ups has led to many asking for advice on how to start a blog

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