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Best Ideas for Business Startups

7 Best Ideas for Business Startups: Ultimate Guide to Entrepreneurship 2021

There is a definite charm, and a fascination involved in the notion of becoming your own boss. In fact, the desirability of entrepreneurship has been studied by many critics and experts where one finds the possibility of starting a business extremely attractive. In this article we shall discuss on the 7 Best Ideas for Business Startups: Ultimate Guide to Entrepreneurship 2021.

Whereas on the other hand, we have some people how simply cannot be stopped as they absolutely despise the idea of sitting down quietly for a long time. These are the people who want to make a difference, and their thirst for success isn’t easily quenched.

However, becoming an entrepreneur requires effort on your part.

According to a recent study published by Small Biz Genius:

  • 62% of American millionaires are self-made, and there are over 582 million entrepreneurs in the world.
  • More than 52% of adults consider entrepreneurship as a good career, while only 33% of entrepreneurs have a high-school diploma.
  • With an 83.6 rating on the Global Entrepreneurship Index US is regarded as the best country for entrepreneurs.      

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How a Good Idea Makes You Successful

Every successful business out there has a fine business idea before they can start making waves in a highly competitive market. Here is how a good idea can make your business successful.

Delivers a solution

Businesses are grounded on the reality of offering resolute solutions to existing problems that the public face. From media to entertainment to law and health services, every sector in the corporate world is out there delivering products and offering services that resolve the pain points of customers and consumers. 

People are willing to pay

Your business idea must serve a need or demand that is unfulfilled, and people are willing to pay for your offered products and services.

A free commodity is free for all, and people will never pay for something which they can get for absolutely no cost. Your business ideas thus need to deliver a product or a service that is in demand and serves an occurring or persistent need.  

Has a good price point

No one can deny the impact of pricing and the influence it generates on the market. High-quality products at lower prices would always win over the competition.

Hence if you have a business idea, then you also need to study the market and find about how the competitors deal with their customers. This will help you to accomplish a competitive edge over your rivals within the industry.

Passion drives you

There are times when your business idea is driven through passion. This is something that you do and is pretty good at it as well. Arts, music, and public entertainment are some areas where businesses ideas driven by passion can thrive towards success. However, there is no limitation as to where your passion can take you.

Realistic goals

Lastly, it is important to evaluate your business on the basis of reality. With realism in your business idea, your goals and targets would seem impractical, unrealistic, and pure work of fantasy.

You need to measure all the variable, including fixed costs and variable costs associated with your business plan and measure the profitability of actions as well as return on investment.

Best Ideas for Business Startups

Now that we have established what a good business idea can entail and how you can benefit from following a business plan for further success in both the short and the long run, it is time for some startup ideas. Here are a few that might pique your interest. 

1.     An Event Planning Company

Event planning requires your expertise so that people can trust your judgment and management when it comes to their important occasions in life.

You can augment your qualifications and status in the market through different certifications, such as CMP (Certified Meeting Professional), CSEP (Certified Special Events Professional), & CMM (Certificate in Meeting Management), to name a few.

Next up, you will require strong business networking skills and a huge contact list of vendors, suppliers, service provides, and immense knowhow to get jobs done. You can also use various software and tools to assist you like Cvent, Event Mobi, Regpack, Social Tables, and Tripleseat, amongst various others.

Lastly, you will need legal support, information about different types of insurances, compliance and policies regarding your operations.  EventKloud headquartered in Rossyln, Virginia, is a fine example in recent times that offers audience-driven advertising and marketing automation platforms for events.  

2.     Destination Wedding, Tour Guide, & Specialty Travel

If you are a person passionate about traveling as well as have a keen eye for scenic beauty and exotic settings, then your big idea for a startup could center on tourism and traveling.

You can choose to become a tour guide, offer specialty travel, or become a destination wedding expert. Wait for a second; you can also choose to offer all three as well.

You will need to understand how the tourism industry works, make the best use of your own location, and size up competitors as well as rivals within your industry. You will also be required to obtain relevant tourism licenses from the US NTTO (National Travel and Tourism Office).

A good example here is that of Here Comes ‘The Guide’, which was born out of sheer deprivation but now offers tremendous support for couples looking for amazing venues to get married. 

3.     Local Grocery Delivery Service / Drop Shipping Business

Supply chain management can be difficult for some to understand as inventory management concepts like Just in Time, may completely evade the understanding for some.

However, if you think you can handle warehousing and other stuff related to making home deliveries for clients, then a business startup idea for a local grocery delivery service or drop shipping business would be a fine choice for you.

Take the example of Grocemania which was launched in London and after 3-years of successful operations is now seeking to expand its services to Birmingham, Manchester, and Newcastle in 2020.     

4.     Meal Prep Business

With the urbanization of various lands, cities, and populations across the globe, you find more people busy in their work-life crunching away at their tools and gadgets in their offices. One thing on their entire mind though, what choice and options do they have for lunch today?

You can respond to this growing need by starting a meal prep business that caters to not only office workers but can also provide catering solutions for families and households.

You would definitely need brilliant cooks, a range of relevant delicacies and edible items on your custom-made menu, and a doorstep delivery solution. Take a hint from Kitch, which is a Portuguese startup that is simply smashing the food delivery market in 2020. 

5.     YouTube Channel

To be honest, running a YouTube Channel can be extremely lucrative and indefinitely help you pay the bills by a fair margin. In order to make you understand better, there is no greater example than that of Ryan’s World, which is a children-focused YouTube channel featuring Ryan Kaji.

As of June 2020, the channels has over 25 million subscribers and videos that have garnered over 30 billion views. According to a report by CNBC, the eight-year-old YouTuber is the highest earner with more than $26 million in revenue generated in 2019 alone. Bonkers right?

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6.     Yoga Instructor

People are quickly waking up to the cause of their mental, spiritual, and physical health. The fitness market is seeing tremendous growth rate and is projected to reach eve new heights in the coming years.

It is high time to become a fitness coach or a yoga instructor. If you want to become a professional yogi, you would first have to learn yoga from respectable teachers like Heidi Kristoffer, Elena Brower, Tiffany Cruikshank, and Noah Maze, to name a few.

You would also be required to complete selected courses in different disciplines, including Ashtanga, Anusara, Bikram, Hatha, and Vinyasa, amongst others. You would also be required to complete a teacher training program under the guidance of Yoga Alliance that is headquartered in Arlington, Virginia.

Finally, you would have to be registered as an RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher). The Nomad Yogi is a fine example where Sharon Bryce offers her expertise in the ever graceful Vinyasa Flow.

You may need personal statement help in order to join a professional yoga organization that can support your claims and boost your chances to become a recognized and official member.  

7.     Sell Custom Products on Amazon

While Amazon Custom is a service by Amazon that lets customer’s avail customization options for their purchased products, if you want to sell already custom-made products than that is also a fine idea.

Amazon Handmade for that matter allows you to sell handcrafted goods which many customers desire and obsess about. Lorenzen Candle Co offers handmade soy candles on Amazon, and it is listed as a top seller.

Similarly, The House Phoenix Store offers a DIY dream catcher for kids on Amazon, and it is also one of the best sellers. All you would require to do is go to the website to apply for Amazon Handmade program and Voila! It has come to the point where higher education pupils seeking Dissertation Assistance are also selling handmade products to make some extra cash and support their day to day expenses.  


If you are decisive, action-oriented, have a clear sense of direction for your life, value integrity above all else, and self-disciplined to the point where you uphold morals, principles, and ethics, then entrepreneurship is for you.

To become your own boss, you will need the persistence to seek knowledge and educate yourself about how the world around you operates. Sure, risk-taking is indeed a quality, but the more open-minded, well-informed, and professional you are in your approach, the better planning you can do to completely avoid losses in the future.

You have to be courageous to be an entrepreneur because then you have no one to blame but yourself. So build up your social skills, become passionate about your goals and let that creativity burst to provide you with brilliant resolutions.

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