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Success in WordPress Blogging

How to Get Success in WordPress Blogging in 2018

Blogging is a favourite hobby of millions of tech-savvy individuals. It allows them to get in touch with millions of new people on the web, increase awareness about their profession/company/products/services, share useful ideas and thoughts, and generate revenues in the long run. All prominent companies, firms, business organizations, professionals promoteRead More

Website Ranking

Changing a WordPress Theme Affect on Website Ranking?

Thanks to some amazing benefits it offers, WordPress is one of the most preferred Content Management Systems that is based on PHP and MySQL. It is a free, open source CMS that offers some magnificent features and tools to the developers. Getting sound rankings for your WordPress website on theRead More


7 Tips on How to Choose the Best Design for a Blog

Having an eye-catching design for your blog is fundamental. Think of it like this: the more impressive your blog is the more visitors you will get. Ultimately, more visitors equal more subscriptions and social media shares.   So, your first job is to pick the right theme for your blog.Read More

Audio and Video with WordPress Site

How to add Audio, Video in WordPress Banner, Post, Page, WidGets, Featured Areas

You can add HTML5 Video, Embed or iFrame YouTube videos in our Themes’ Posts/Pages, Banner Video box, Featured Boxes and where the HTML adding is present in Theme Options. This techniques will also work for any HTML Box of the Themes and all posts and page editors in text mode.Read More

#1 in Google Ranking

D5 Creation: #1 in Google Ranking for the Search Term ‘PSD to WordPress’

D5 Creation is one of the most popular WordPress theme Developers in the World which has been developing Quality Free, Responsive Premium WordPress Themes since 2012. More than 350,000 websites are running on D5 Creation Themes WorldWide. In WordPress and Web Design World, there is a popular term ‘PSD toRead More

Handpick the Best WordPress Theme

7 Smart Tricks to Handpick the Best WordPress Theme for Your Website

Website creators preferably use WordPress to build impressive websites for various business categories. Right from installation to the customization of default theme, designers choose WordPress to adorn their web designs & create professional-looking websites with minimal efforts & time. Designers choose WordPress as it comprises a range of feature-rich themesRead More

Multiple Featured Images

How to add multiple featured images in WordPress?

The post thumbnails feature which is also referred as Featured Image is continuing to be a popular visual element since it has been introduced to WordPress in the version 2.9. It became popular and now is considered as a significant part of the WordPress look and feel. Thanks to thisRead More

15 Tips for WordPress Designers

Start Your Website Correctly: 15 Tips for Designing for WordPress

Billions of people around the world daily use the Internet for different purposes. Some seek information, some buy various products and/or services, and some earn money. At any rate, all of us visit online websites to find what we need. If you wish to earn through the Internet, you willRead More


Regain the Justify and Underline Text Buttons in the WordPress Editor

Are you looking for the missing Justify and Underline Text Buttons in WordPress post editor? These buttons were removed from the post editor in WordPress 4.7. But there’s a way to bring them back. In this article, we will show you how to add underline and justify text buttons inRead More

WordPress is the best CMS for SEO

Why is WordPress the Best CMS for SEO ?

While there have been so many new uses of internet developed over the years, its primary purpose still remains to provide information. Search engines remain as the number one source for getting maximum online traffic. A page that is ranked highly in the search engine rankings can get thousands ofRead More