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Starting a Business Website? Here are Some Ideas on WordPress (WP) Themes

There is no denying that the internet is the future of business. If your brand doesn’t have any form of online presence, then you are fast hurtling towards collapse. Whether you are a local store or a major brand in a big city, you have to appreciate the power of internet marketing today.


With over 3.62 billion people (40% of the global population) already online according to the International Telecommunication Union, there has never been better motivation to take your business online. To appreciate how the internet impacts your business, consider that 51% of Americans prefer shopping online. 96% have already made a purchase online. 36% spend all their shopping budget online and the numbers are going up. Little wonder then that online shopping retail sales are expected to rise to $370 billion in 2017 up from $231 billion in 2012.


Harnessing the Power of a WordPress Website

Now that you appreciate the untapped potential in the new business landscape, it is time to learn how to get started. With a WordPress (WP) blog or website, you can easily build your online cred and establish yourself as an authority. WordPress is the most preferred blog and business website content management system (CMS) and for many good reasons.


For a start, a WP website or blog is easy to install and manage and you don’t require any programming or coding skills. Better still, there are thousands of free WP themes designed for businesses and you can easily customize your website to reflect your brand. The WordPress community is readily available for any queries you might have and the fact that you have thousands of WP plugins makes it easy to increase functionality of your website as your business grows.


Today, over 75 million websites globally depend on WordPress CMS with 48% of Technorati’s Top 100 Blogs leveraging these benefits of WP CMS. From Bloomberg, Star Wars Blog, TechCrunch, BBC America, Variety, The New Yorker, MTV News to the PlayStation Blog, many small and big brands have discovered the potential of the WP platform.


Using WordPress Themes for Better Success

Today, search engine optimization (SEO) is the holy grail of marketing as brands compete for better ranking for targeted keywords on search engine result pages (SERPs). For this reason, you need to choose your WP theme keenly in order to guarantee your blog or website is easily indexed and optimized for search engines.


The choice of A WP theme is crucial when starting a blog or website. It is true setting up a WP platform is easy and you don’t require any coding skills. However, the poor choice of theme might end up costing you a lot in future with poor ranking on SERPs, anesthetically appealing layout and a theme that is not optimized for mobile.


To guide you, here are some crucial considerations before making the final decision on a WordPress theme:



  1. Simplicity is Key

Truth be told, most web designers are obsessed with sophisticated and intricate layouts. Such websites will require a lot of skills to administer and even users will find it tricky to navigate. When choosing a WP theme, you must be guided by Leonardo da Vinci’s belief that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. The WP theme you are choosing should boost your marketing goals. Ask yourself whether you really need flashy animators and lots of colors and other features that are used to advertise most themes. Strive for a theme that makes it easy for visitors to go around your site. At the back of your mind should be the fact that you are trying to convert and this can only happen if the potential lead stays longer on your blog or site. All D5 Creation Themes are Simple and User Friendly.



  1. Responsive Web Design

Over 80%of internet users are now on mobile. In fact, Google has already reported that mobile internet users now exceed desktop users and the numbers are growing. As such, your WP blog or website must be mobile-friendly and the only way to guarantee this is by choosing a responsive WP theme.


This means your content is easily adjustable to any internet design be it a tablet, laptop, PC or wearables such as smartwatches. A responsive WP theme helps you reach a wider target audience and increases your brand’ visibility of a diverse range of devices. You are also guaranteed of customer loyalty as they can easily connect with you even on the go.


  1. Blend of Aesthetics and Functionality

The fact that you will be using the WP theme you choose now for a long time necessitates a lot of thought in the process. Your target audience will want to interact with a beautiful website because aesthetics is one important factor when visitors are deciding whether to click off or continue engaging with your brand.


A good WP theme should be aesthetically appealing but always have functionality at the back of your mind. Go for good color combination, clean layout, beautiful images, and awesome topography without compromising on the quality of user experience. The theme colors and layout should be consistent with your brand.


There are other considerations including security and performance of the WP theme, available support, browser compatibility with Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari among others, supported plugins, multilingual feature and translation, opinion by other users, maintenance requirements and SEO friendliness among others.


Like most small business owners, you might feel like going online today is not a priority owing to financial constraint. Your debt burden is probably weighing you down because you cannot access any more financing. Remember you are not alone and this is a problem that is afflicting millions of entrepreneurs and luckily, you can now join a debt relief program where you will help to handle business debts and other debt related issues.


Go on and choose from among the best WordPress themes and remember your focus should be on simplicity, functionality, elegance, availability of technical support, ratings and reviews, ease of customization, mobile-friendliness and affordability. With these qualities in a WP theme, you are ready to hit the internet marketplace and make a mark in your niche.  D5 Creation Themes are loved by thousands of webmasters in the world. More than 350,000 websites are powered by D5 Creation Themes. You can find all the above features in our Themes.

Author : Isabella Rossellini

Isabella Rossellini is a renowned marketing consultant with many years in the industry. She is an authority in both traditional and digital marketing and also a mentor for upcoming entrepreneurs. She also works as a voluntary counselor with debt relief program

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