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Components That Affect E-commerce Sales

5 Critical Components That Affect E-commerce Sales

Over the past decade, there has been a sharp increase in Internet users. Now, the internet goes beyond the usual framework of information exchange. It has started to penetrate into the most diverse areas of our daily lives. E-commerce is one of them.

In simple terms, E-commerce is a process of buying or selling goods/services through the internet. In this business model, all transactions that are made electronically instead of physical exchange. In recent years, the E-commerce business has multiplied by leaps and bounds. It has encouraged entrepreneurs to take their businesses to the online platforms to attract new customers easily and grow their sales rapidly.

However, there is a huge competition in the E-commerce world. All E-retailers try to capture the maximum market share and expand their businesses in all directions within a short duration of time. Some get success, while others fail and they have no option, but to shut their E-shop sooner or later. So, what are the main component that affects the E-commerce sales and determine their success or failure? Let’s have a look.


  1. Design and Usability of The E-commerce Websites

There are thousands of E-commerce website operators all around the world. All of them try to increase the visibility of their E-shops on all leading search engines, catch the attention of existing and potential buyers, and sell their products and services in maximum numbers.

Regular online shoppers want to visit only those E-commerce websites that help them find the desired products easily and quickly and complete the transactions without any fuss. Therefore, if you want to get success in the E-commerce world, make sure that your E-commerce site is user-centric, professional and eye-catching. For this, you can take several steps (mentioned in the chart) or contact an IT company that has expertise in the creation of all-inclusive E-commerce websites.

E-commerce Website Design Elements Benefits
Selection of a suitable E-commerce Platform Chances of having a dream E-commerce website
Easy-to-use and simple website design and structure Visitors from all sections of life will be able to use your E-commerce portal for online shopping
Limited Use of Extensions and Plugins Fast loading of your website and its pages
Use of uniform colour pattern and standard fonts It makes your site look appealing and helps visitors to read the available content easily and quickly.
Limited Display of commercial ads, third-party links, etc Your website remains fast and attract more buyers


Note: You can take several steps to glamorize your E-commerce portal as per your needs. It is recommended that you should take the help of professional IT companies for the creation of E-commerce websites with all-inclusive features, required for operating a profitable E-commerce business easily and effortlessly.


  1. Successful Management of SEO And Advertising Campaigns

The success in E-commerce business depends on how well you optimize your website for search engines and monitor the performance of different advertising initiatives. You must optimize your website with the latest SEO tricks so that it can appear well on all major search engines with all important keywords under your niche. If it happens, you will lots of traffic to your website and business opportunities as well.

While optimizing your website for search engines and people, focus on the terms frequently used by shoppers. Use long tail keywords, high competition keywords, and important phrases to get your website ranked well with all key terms visitors use to find products/services on the global internet.

So, when you choose an SEO agency for contextual advertising, just  find out how much that agency understands the device API of the leading systems, how they will optimize the average cost of a click and what analytical tools are going to be used. In most of the cases, most entrepreneurs use the Google API to serve the needs of online shoppers. But, you should not underestimate the API offered by alternative search engines as well.


  1. Return on Investment

While promoting your E-commerce business and looking for sales opportunities, your focus should be on the quality, convenience, and cost of your service. If your services/products are in high demand, users themselves will tell each other about it and get engaged with your brand quite often. But when it comes to fast-growing projects, you can't avoid the marketing costs. The traditional way of product advertising is costly and it doesn't create the desired business opportunities. So, you must focus on SEM-search engine marketing.

The main task of an online advisor is to promote websites on the web and create business opportunities. So, you must choose an online advisor that could take your E-commerce business to the next level with a low investment and ensure great ROI sooner or later.


  1. Analytical Systems

Even if your E-commerce website is performing very well on all fronts and you are comfortably achieving your target, always keep in mind that your competitors are sitting just a click away. Frequent Google updates, rapidly changing trends of E-commerce marketing, moods of buyers, etc, can affect the actual sales of your products/services. So, don't sit idle at all, even in the wake of good times. Just install analytical tools on your E-commerce sites. It will allow you to get all necessary information about the performance of your website. There may be some areas where you need to work on to improve the performance of your website. So, analyse your website performance regularly and make necessary changes in your marketing efforts to boost the sales up to a great extent.


  1. Retention Strategy

All E-commerce website operators must have the strategy of customer retention. When your business grows, naturally, shoppers come up with concerns and questions from time-to-time. If their genuine concerns are not resolved in a timely fashion, they stop buying from you and persuade others not to deal with your brand. It is a direct loss to your E-commerce business, which should be addressed ASAP to prevent the further loss of sale.

So, create a special strategy (like Email marketing, Face-to-Face communication with clients via social media websites/video calls, etc) to get back your old customers. Just solve their concerns and encourage them to keep buying from you. A happy customer can easily add more buyers to your brand and help you to grow the sales tremendously.


Final Remarks:

Fluctuations always come in the E-commerce business. Sometimes, you have lots of opportunities for lead generation, while on some other occasions, your competitors win the rat race. By following the above-mentioned tips, you can easily ensure a profitable E-commerce business by selling goods/services in maximum numbers

Author : Lauren McLaren

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