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10 standards every eCommerce store should meet

To aid our readers in the understanding of the latest e-commerce trends and how they can manipulate these trends to boost sales, we need to make sure if our readers are well aware of the prospect of what E-commerce is. In this article you will learn on eCommerce standards.

eCommerce platforms are sites on the internet, which let the transactions take place through them. The websites which sell products through the internet and offer the online benefit of buying and selling products are called to be e-commerce stores. Designing an e-commerce website cannot be considered an easy task.

There are so many complications the designer has to face, from the maintenance of his site to the successful engagement of site users. These few advises we mentioned should be taken into consideration while designing a website.

1. Get your clients registered:

A lot of the e-commerce sitesask the user to get themselves registered before they attempt any purchase.

Although this is a helpful ordeal, the customers usually are reluctant in giving their information as they prefer anonymity more. They want to shop quickly from your site, get their wanted item in hands and don’t bother entangling themselves in registration matters.

Even if you want them to register first, give them some incentive that they find appealing. You can offer special coupons, or first-time purchasers’ discount. This way, your customers won’t get annoyed and there will be more chances of you generating promising sales.

2. You design must complement the product you are selling:

Perhaps the most natural way you can improve your website’s design statement thing is always to keep your design statement relevant to the product you are selling.

Every aspect of your website, from theme, text to color abundantly defines your selling product. As an example, if your website is designed for selling clothes, the whole aesthetic should be cohesive. If your site is of selling books, the entire theme should be based on writers and the vast field of literature.

This idea will have a direct impact on the sales of your website. Moreover, it is also advisable to set up a logo for your store. Attractive logos never fail to hitch zillion of customers.

3. Provideappropriate and relevant product description:

The whole reason you created your e-commerce store is for selling your product. Therefore, it is understandable to articulate and emphasize the correct information and credible description of your product. Keep in mind to use the images of better quality for getting the untainted attraction of your user. It is even better to allow the zoom and pinch mode of the pictures so that the users can even get a better idea of how the product looks.

Before buying anything online, the customers acknowledge everything regarding the product from their color, size, and shape. As the customer cannot grab and feel the item in their hands, it is crucial to write information in such a way that the whole item can appear in the user’s mind. Consider your own online leather jacket store; your customers will be expecting details of fabric, color, material from your side. They will even be interested in getting to know online if the product fits their size.

4. Lower your shipping rates:

It is an undeniable fact that customers will get attracted to those e-commerce stores which offer lower shipping rates. Customers, when looking at high shipping rates, usually end up canceling their decisions and prefer buying that product from physical stores.

5. Add a shopping cart to your e-commerce store:

Addition of a shopping cart to your store is one crucial thing. It enables the users to go through their selected item again, review that and find easiness in making their decision of the right product.

With a shopping cart, credible reviews, easy to access search bar and relevant product images are highly valuable. You can take inspiration from Sephora, the shopping cart of this makeup brand contains all the essential characteristics involving the summarized order, more product commendation.

WordPress is the most popular CMS for website development. It is also very popular for E-Commerce Sites. WooCommers is a widely used plugin. D5 Creation Themes are E-Commerce ready which can manage all the E-Commerce features including Shopping Cart. Those Themes have Free Versions, too. Those Themes have set in-built eCommerce standards.

6. Provide ease in the qualitative checkout:

The smoother the checkout option is, the more customers will keep coming back. One thing that is pretty annoying for users in the lengthy checkout. Here it is crucial to follow the KISS rule and keep it as simple as possible.

If this process is made convenient for them, your users will have further motivation to reach out to you in the future as well. This is why you need to stay away from making way too many pages for the checkout purpose.

7. Abundant payment options:

There is a range of eCommerce stores where PayPal and such other kind of payment methods don’t work. Before designing eCommerce store, make sure that the customers can pay for their purchased products other than Master card and Visa too. In such a way, you would become accomplished in attracting a more large magnitude of customers for you.

By considering your consumer’s payment preference, you can increase their motivation to shop, thereby boosting your sales in the long run.

8. Smooth interaction between you and your customer:

Make it easy and comfortable for your customers to get in touch with you if they feel any query or confusion. If you want to have potential customers, always be there for helping them if they face a problem. The best technique is to show them your passion and desire in being a helping hand for them. Be in just a call, text message, or email away from successfully acknowledging and solving their problem for them. This is one of the most important eCommerce standards.

9. Essential safety to your store:

Ecommerce sites are at the toll of hackers, and there is a constant need to regard your safety in this matter. One of the unique ways is to get yourself an SSL certificate. By being SSL certified, your customer’s valuable data of phone number, credit card number, and emails will get protected.

10. Ask customers for feedbacks:

When a customer has finished buying their products from you, remind them to grant you with feedback. Furthermore, place those positive testimonials on the front page of your website so that anyone can see them and get an idea of your brand’s qualitythrough them. This way, you will be assigned with more potential customers in the future.


Creating an eCommerce store is a more painstaking task than merely designing a website for information purpose, as they are created for the user to shop from here too. For this purpose, the designers need to take care of user’s convenience simultaneously enrich their site with easiness so the user might not get lost and find himself comfortable in doing shopping.

The utmost reason for the website’s existence is to make sales. In case your website doesn’t succeed in accomplishing the main purpose of making credible and successful sales; the whole site tends to lose its meaning. For achieving your goal of a successful and brilliant e-commerce store, you need to implement these few credible and authentic eCommerce website standards we have gathered for you.

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