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Effective and Impressive Website for Users Engagement

A website has changed the way we live, conduct business, and communicate. You can create a website to share your feelings, ideas, or thoughts with the world, or develop it for business, education, sports, travel, gaming, politics, foods, movies, careers, cars, health, medical, dating, fashion/style/beauty, nature, or anything you want to share with the world. It is also an easy and inexpensive way to connect with the world. The businesses can also easily communicate their business related information to their target users and sell their products and services to them. It is also an ideal tool for them to build their online presence. There are few blogging platforms to develop websites, but WordPress is most popular and widely used platform in the world.




WordPress is a free Open Source Content Management System (CMS) for creating websites. Thousands of people all over the world use WordPress blogging software to create blogs or webs because it is ease of use, flexible, SEO friendly, scalable, and secure. It is also easy to develop, customize, control, and manage WordPress websites.

WordPress comes with powerful features and tools, creative themes, design templates, widgets, and Plugins for improving the functionality of websites and users experience. According to Wikipedia, WordPress supports more than 60 million websites, and as of February 2016, 25.8 percent of all websites used this open Content Management System.

There are many advantages of creating a WordPress Website, but developing in itself will not serve any purpose unless the site attracts target users with whom you want to share your thoughts, showcase and sell your products and services, or provide them required information.

The key points to help you in creating a site that can attract visitors, and provide improved user’s engagement and experience include:


Deliver Values

When you develop a Blog or site, you must have a purpose or goal because a site without any objective will not attract readers. If users or visitors do not find any useful information on your blog, they will soon lose their interest and stop visiting it. You can develop a Personal blog or a website, but it must deliver values to users, not simply a place to browse or visit.

Suppose you have created a business site to inform your customers about your business and sell your products and services to them. However, to maintain healthy customer relationship and engagement, you must continuously engage your customers and vendors to the site by updating business information, adding new products, and offering new deals. Such actions not only increase the flow of customers to your site, but also help you retain your existing customers, find new buyers, improve credibility and trust, and boost marketing. The customers will also interact with you, post comments, and give their opinion and reviews about your products and services. The increased number of visitors and customers to your site also increase your revenues because satisfied customers spend money.  You must understand that a successful website or blog must deliver value to users, provide the best user engagement, and return them to the site again.



When you are creating a site, you must choose a right theme for your website because Theme is the first impression users get when they visit your site.  It must also match the needs of your site’s purpose and goal because the right theme is crucial to your success. The Theme must also be easy to use and maintain, customize, browser support, and fast to load for the best users experience. The small businesses and corporate can use popular themes such as Small Business Extend, Corporate Extend, Samartia Extend and other business themes because they are impressive, creative, innovative, and professional, and comes with rich features and resources best suited to small or large businesses.

They are also many other simple, modern, stylish, and trendy themes for a variety of categories that can give your site an elegant and trendy look. You must also remember that right and impressive themes can easily capture the heart and mind of an audience and attracts them. Any Standard Plugin will also easily run with these themes because these themes are coded maintaining all WordPress Coding Standards.



WordPress comes with thousands of Plugins that improve the usability and functionality of your website. Plugins also secure your site and allow you add many user-friendly features that speed up your site, and help you customize, scale, edit, manage, and control your site and contents. With Plugins, you can also build and grow an email list, create buttons, optimize the site for SEO, and back up your entire site through Plugins.

WordPress also comes with Social Plugins and sharing buttons to link the site to social networks like Facebook, Twitters, Instagram, Pinterest, and others and allows you share contents, announcement, comments, and messages on your site with social media users. By using Social Plugins and share buttons, you can promote your site and business, boost marketing, engage with social media users, improve user’s engagement, and increase visitors to your site.



Blog contents and posts play a decisive role in engaging and increasing visitors to a blog or website.  The quality contents have the power to set your site apart from others. Effective designs, Plugins, and themes improve the effectiveness and functionality of your site, but contents can convey the right message and information to visitors and customers, and help them know about your products and services, ideas, views, tips, and thoughts.

The success of a site primarily depends on the flow of visitors and customers and their return to the site again. A visitor stays on the page for only a few seconds and tries to get required information within a short time, but if he finds the contents interesting, informative, and useful, he will not only stay for a longer time but also share it and return for the additional information. These very reasons make it necessary that contents on your site must have eye-catching headlines, and free from any spelling and grammatical errors. The sentences must also be simple, short, and well structured. The quality contents also increase readers and visitors to your site through search engines. It is also necessary to update and add new contents regularly for SEO results.


Social Sharing

Social Media Networks such as FaceBook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and others are widely visited social networking sites. These social sites also have millions of registered accounts and active users. WordPress offers Social plugins to link your Website or blog to these social networking sites. You can add such Plugins to reach and tap social media users and increase the flow of visitors to your site.


Domain Name

When starting a website, you must get a Domain name registered because it is your unique Internet identity and help you improve your online presence. A Domain name also gives credibility to your site and business, and exposes and improves your brand. It also allows for portability and impacts SEO and allows creating personalize and multiple email addresses. Also, users who are searching products and service similar to your domain name also visit your site, and with their visit, the numbers of visitors to your site will also go up drastically.

You can consider these points when creating a website. These tips can improve the functionality of your site, help you attract target visitors, increase users engagement, and offer best users experience.

Author : Subodh Maheshwari

Subodh Maheshwari is writer in Syon Infomedia, a mobile app and website design and development company. He has a passion for writing informative technical and non technical articles

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