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Social Networking for Business

How to Expand your Business through Social Networking

In the recent years, social networking has evidently revolutionized the use of internet. The social networks that are domineering today began as simple sites years ago. However, as the years went by, all these networks were redesigned to help the users share their thoughts and ideas as well as connect with other users who share the same interests.

Some of these networks are designed to overtly help the users create professional or business connections. Good news is, with the use of social networking to market your business, you can rest assured that you business is headed for success. Therefore, as a business person who is looking to market their products and services online, all you need is to be sure and clever about it.

Contrary to what most people think, making money online is not a frustrating task. It is very much possible as long as you do it the right way and be aware of the strategies and approaches that work best for your business. For example, if you create a business profile on Facebook, do not be tempted to become friends with just anyone. You have to remember that you are on Facebook on professional grounds and the only people you are looking to impress are your target audience.

The same works for LinkedIn profiles and other top social networks. Your ultimate aim is to connect with people who are relevant to your business. However, do not deny your friends’ friends the opportunity to know you, your business or your brand. This way, you will make friends and confidants more than meeting customers and clients.

With a reasonable group of friends or followers, begin to post meaningful and informative business marketing posts. When posting content online, stay true to your brand, engage the audience and respond to all questions, comments and compliments. But most importantly, you need to make this more like a habit. Post regularly, impress your audience, wow them with your creativity and give them reasons to stay.

As long as your audience becomes active, then you are good to go.  However, try never to bore them. Despite the fact that you are on social media for business, it is wise to keep the business a little fun. If you are serious about making money and expanding your business, then ensure that you are on networks that connect you to people who are likely to be impressed and motivated.


So ensure that you;

  • Establish a catchy identity – using your username, establish an identity that people will identify with.
  • Participate in Conversations – do not only wait to participate in conversations when your sales for the day go up. Rather, embrace social networking as your new norm; in bad and good times.
  • Understand your customers – for every business, the customer is a very valuable person. So, you thorough research and always be aware of what your customers want or expect.
  • Keep track of your marketing responses – by caring out surveys, analyze our consumer information and see what needs to be adjusted and what is not working at all. Also study how your target audience has liked or shared your posts.
  • Focus on the most useful social networks – clearly there are numerous social media networks out there. It is almost impossible to join all of them. However, you can choose a few that you can spare time for. For example, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn are some of the top social networking sites that you can excel in.


With that said, it is of paramount importance that you do your best and do it right. Social networking is clearly a golden ticket and a key to a successful future. Read on to understand some common mistakes you must avoid on your road to success.


 5 Social Media Marketing Mistakes you must avoid

  • Lacking Creativity

First of all, you should know that competition in the industry is fierce. So, for your business to survive, you must take that extra mile and be as creative and as innovative as possible. Ensure that you catch the audience’s attention through creativity, humor, surprises as well as giving them offers that they cannot refuse. Also, do not forget to give your target audience the platform to ask questions or give feedback.

  • Failing to Post on a Regular Basis

With almost every person on social media, you must go beyond your norm of posting once or twice a week. You must post more regularly to ensure that you stay in the minds of your target audience. Ensure that you provide them with the right content, content that meets their needs, one that they can identify with and content that meets their interests.

  • Being unaware of your Competitors

Always be mindful of what your competitors are up to. Everyone is using social media as a marketing weapon, so be aware of what the ‘other person’ is doing. This will not only help you generate better ideas that will flourish your business but it will also give you a heads up of what the audience is expecting.

  • Failing to understand your Platform

There are different social media networks that you can use. What is important is to figure out which of these social networks fits your business. The social media platform is one that you Must take advantage of, because believe me you will get a larger audience via social media. Therefore, stop wasting time and join the social networking trend.

  • Concentrating on one Department

Do not put all your eggs in one basket. This is to say, do not only wait for your business to flourish if you don’t think out of the box, get out of your comfort zone and take risks with something new. Concentrate also on SEO,  web development and advertising.



With the above, it is evident that Social media marketing holds immense power in today’s business field. It is more than just connecting with friends or business partners. It is a platform that has become a central hub for professionalism and success.

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