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SMS Marketing or Email Marketing for Small Businesses ?

Running small scale businesses is challenging, and we have to deal with challenges meticulously to make the company successful as well as long sustaining. Every business owners come across a lot of potential challenges. As they face certain challenges, they try to find the escape route. In most of the cases, managing and driving business towards the success saga become easier when business marketing has been done with sheer meticulousness.

For effective business marketing, different strategies can be adopted. Among those strategies, email marketing and SMS marketing are considered as useful strategies to promote business via a virtual platform. In the following section, a detailed analysis of these two strategies shall be discussed.


Cost Analysis from Small Business Perspective

Small businesses always have a small amount to allot for the purpose of business marketing. Thus, with a limited budget they seek cost-effective business marketing ideas. Instead of conventional print media advertisements and TV commercials, opting for email marketing and SMS marketing is a financially viable decision. Now, which is more cost-effective? Well, it is not easy to answer the questions, as different factors are there to be taken under consideration. Among various factors, the type of business you run is important. If you use to run e-commerce business store, email marketing could be more result fetching than SMS marketing.

However, e-commerce websites also use SMS marketing for promoting the business and keeping communication with clients regarding placement of orders, processing of the order, etc. Moreover, various deals, limited period offers, and festive discounts have been promoted via SMS and email messages. Now, email can be completely free. On the other hand, SMS is not absolutely free, until you use VoIP system for your small business. To have such a system, you need to invest in VoIP devices and infrastructure of your company. But, SMS is short and can be sent to many people at a time. Emails are long, and crafting email contents is not the easiest thing to do.

So, in terms of cost, both can be placed neck to neck. Using both these methods is a cost-effective or affordable choice. Nevertheless, they can fetch good result for you. Minimal investment is required to fetch gain a good reputation for the business when these two popular business marketing methods are used.


The effectiveness of the Business Marketing Ideas

Both SMS marketing and email marketing are effective, but it depends on how you use them. Email marketing is always effective when it is applied properly. For email marketing, you need good content. It is to be noted that people do not give enough time to read long emails. So, you have to create appealing as well as interactive contents for your email marketing campaign. On the other hand, SMS is generally considered to have more penetration than emails. These are a short message with only information.

Nevertheless, SMS is catchier than emails. People neglect emails, but they do not neglect SMS. They generally give a look at the SMS before removing it from their phone. This happens because SMS is short and thus reading them does not consume time.  Emails are generally not considered as short. Thus, people may read them, and in some cases, they may not read. It is a matter of luck. Though if your email content is worthy, not blatantly promotional and misleading for the readers, your emails will be trusted as well as read by the receivers. To know more, click here.


Conversion Rate

The success of a business marketing campaign has been largely judged by the conversion rate it has to offer. Now, the question is what does conversion rate mean. The conversion rate is the percentage of converting potential customers into real-time customers. Thus, the aim of your business marketing campaign is to encourage hesitant customers to buy your products. If they purchase those products, the conversion rate will grow up. As conversion rate starts growing, you shall find that the profitability of your business is also enhancing.

So, which business marketing idea can fetch a better conversion rate for you? Well, both SMS marketing and email marketing are considered as effective. However, SMS has more penetration than emails. People do not habitually check emails on a regular basis. Those, who check emails regularly, do not care about the advertisement emails. So, penetration seems to be low with email marketing, unless your business has a great rapport with some email receivers. SMS is more effective in terms of catching the attention. It can fetch you the right result with precision.


Time Allotment

Time is money, and this time has to be taken into consideration when it comes to comparing two different business marketing strategies. You cannot neglect this aspect when choosing the best method for business marketing from the two aforementioned methods. Since emails need more interactive and multimedia-based contents, it has been considered as more time consuming than the SMS.

A short text message can be created instantly. Emails should also be short and concise, but they should not be like the SMS texts. They should be a little more illustrative. Nevertheless, plain and simple text on emails looks boring. Adding images can be a good idea to make the emails more attention-grabbing. So, in an overall comparison, SMS can be considered as lesser time consuming than emails. So, at the end of the day, SMS marketing is more cost-effective.



At the conclusion note, we can say that SMS marketing has certain advantages over email marketing. However, there are some drawbacks too. Email spam messages can be controlled. Most of the email clients have strict policies to stop spamming. So, business marketers have already started thinking of creating more interactive and useful contents. But, SMS spamming is yet to be controlled. There are restrictions over sending SMS, but that can block both good and spam messages.

Moreover, the introduction of instant messaging services, like Whatsapp and other applications has caused the lesser use of normal text messaging. People show a lesser interest in checking the SMS messages these days. However, as of now despite having pros and cons, both the SMS and email marketing have terrific benefits to offer.

Author : Jack Dsouja

Jack Dsouja is an experienced blogger who has written articles for several renowned blogs and websites about various uses of marketing to engineer more business traffic on business websites like SimpleTexting

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