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The Importance of Building an SEO Friendly Website

In today's world, many companies run a business online. The previous companies that had established businesses offline are trying to expand their presence in the online field for better marketability of their products. In the digital world today, there are multiple products which are available online. In many cases, it has been observed that many companies are selling the same kinds of products. Hence, it provides the customers with a lot of options. A person can simply sit and use the gadget connected to the Internet for making online purchases. It is so simple that more people prefer to use online mode of shopping as it saves time and energy.


The creation of the website for selling merchandise or for other purposes

Websites are created for a variety of purposes, but there is always a point for making a site. The purpose is the aim which the website developer has in mind. The designing of the website has to be done in a suitable manner, so the purpose is solved in every possible manner. As the world is moving towards digitalization, there is a multitude of websites which are being created. Sometimes different websites operate to serve the same or a similar function. Products and servicesare often advertised and sold through online sites, and so in many cases, it has been observed that multiple sites are selling the same product. Therefore, as a website developer, it is all the more important to focus on the building plan of the website because the same or related products are also available on other websites.

Some specific people are skilled enough to handle the task of website development accurately. The objective with which the website is created is to be kept in mind while drafting the blueprint of the website. This blueprint should be created very carefully because this is the basic plan of the website or the foundation upon which the whole designed structure will stand.


The keys things which are to be evaluated while designing the website

Website development is a layered process and takes time and concentration. The presence of free templates for creating websites won’t offer much help if a person is concerned about making a prospective career in the online field. Hence the website has to be built with the application of customizing touches as and when required. The important things which have to be examined while setting up the website on the online platform include the following:

  • The navigational space of the website -The navigation system of the website has to be kept extremely clear and easy to use. No visitor should feel confounded about the navigational system present on the website. The navigation should always lead the visitor to the place where he/she wants to go.
  • The presence of important information on the home page - The home page of a website is the most important page because this is the first impression of the website on a visitor. A cluttered or almost blank home page will have an adverse effect on the quantity of organic traffic. Therefore the home page should be designed to place the business product or service before the customers in a suitable way so that it doesn’t look like a banner page. Signup should always be present on the home page.
  • Pop up windows should be limited in number - Until and unless it is extremely necessary one should try to avoid pop up windows in case of websites. Too many pop-ups distract and annoy the visitor. Hence for new visitors, the popup for signup should be used, but this shouldn't happen again and again.
  • Loading time needed for the website -The websites that take time to open are highly disregarded among the virtual visitors. Time-consuming processes on the internet often irritate people, and while searching products it is all the more necessary to save time, and if the website takes a lot of time for loading the home page, then the visitor might not wait for the page to open.

While purchasing products the presence of ample options also becomes a source of trouble for virtual purchasers.


The help that one get from optimizing a website

All website developers have implemented optimizing techniques for making the website run smoothly on the online platform. It is known to most, but for common people, this term can be delineated as the process of making a website upgraded as per the advancements in technology so that flawless user experience can be provided.

The presence of optimization will not be visible to the customers in a direct manner, but the optimizing solutions when applied will definitely improve the experience of the virtual visitor when he/she visits the website. This is very important for any website developer because the ultimate goal for any website designer is to attract the virtual audience and also to build up a steady clientele. Hence without making the correct application of optimization, the website won’t be able to function properly in the online medium.


The specificity and applicability of SEO for website designing

SEO which is the abbreviated form of Search Engine Optimization is specifically applicable for optimizing the website for making the online site recognizable by the search engines. The search queries which are given by internet users prompt the search engines to compile results based upon the search query. Websites having targeted keywords and optimized pages for keyword search will be easily picked up by the search engines. The position of the website will rise in the result page if the optimization of keywords and all the pages are done correctly.

Therefore, it can be said that websites should be designed by keeping the experience of the internet users in mind and also by considering the selection mechanisms of search engines.

Author : Maria Jones

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