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Optimize Your Content For Bounce Rate

Optimize Your Content For Bounce Rate [5+ Amazing Tips]

“Content is King”. This phrase is old school yet effective and will always be. For any business website, content provides effective communication to the prospects. A good quality professional content reflects the divinity of your organization. Every business organization must maintain that or else the credibility of the organization is forever lost in oblivion.

Bounce rate is another technical jargon in the realm of SEO. A bounce rate is the percentage of viewers leaving your website just after visiting your homepage or landing page. An increased bounce rate of a website can cause all sorts of troubles for your website. It is bad for your SEO rankings, for the integrity of your business and for the sales team as well.

Optimizing your content becomes paramount when your website’s bounce rate is sky-high. In this post, you will learn about the methods that can aid you in optimizing your content for reduced bounce rate. A post by Nate Dame in Search Engine Land stated that “Google keeps content among its top three ranking factors”.

Let’s find out how you can optimize your content for low bounce rates of your business website. Without further ado, let’s get you started


Tip #1: Start With User Intent Research in Your Content Strategy

When you first start writing content for your website, this must have happened with you as it happens with many of the marketers. You write the content first, then you came to know that the content is totally irrelevant to the target audience of your business. Then you rewrite the entire content. Then you decide to optimise the content for SEO purposes.

This is a very wrong approach. Remember this, a good content marketing strategy always starts with user intent and keyword research. Before writing any content, you must understand what your target audience tend to search in the market. Which queries they frequently use to search website similar to your niche? Only then you can funnel quality content by answering their queries.

How will you define a high-quality content? Make sure that you follow the points mentioned below, 

  • When a content is written in the language of your audience, the level of comprehension of the message is at its peak. If your audience is getting the answer they are looking for they will not leave your website.
  • Thorough content is always prefered as SEO enhanced content. Not because it covers all the relevant keywords, but also focus on the query of the user and give them a descriptive solution. That’s the quality content’s first intent.
  • Crystal clear steps to follow is another element of a high-quality content. It is not just value based and descriptive. It must have a clear appeal to the audience. No one like riddles every time. So, don’t be secretive to your audience. Be clear and concise.


Tip #2: Focus On The Design Of Your Content

Bounce rate often results because of the clutter of content. No one likes to read a content which is just overflowing on a website from top to bottom. This is where the design of a content plays an important role.

When you design your content, you can call yourself as a content architecture (Just for fun !!!). A content with good subheadings, elaborated text, short paragraphs and important bullet points is the visual for a content. These things will transform your content from good to be great. There are some valuable elements you should include in your content such as,

  • Actionable
  • Coherent
  • Credible
  • Entertaining
  • Inspiring
  • Trustworthy
  • Relevant

There are other elements that can be included in a content. This defines the design of a content. A High-quality content design is the one which,

  • Make sure that is easily perceived by your readers. Write it for your audience, not for your peers. Trim the use of technical jargons in your content.
  • Make sure that your content can be shared easily on social media.
  • Use short paragraphs, bullets, callouts and quotes to make the content scannable through viewer’s eyes.
  • Make use of strong titles and H1 tags. Enticing and actionable titles are ideal to leverage keywords strategically and naturally.
  • Make use of time frames, objectives and ideal results to anticipate audience’s fears, hopes and concerns.
  • Your content must be unique not just in content, but also in the values it provides. Give a new angle through your content and make your viewers brainstorm.


Tip #3: Make Sure That The Content Is Correct

How do you feel when you see a typo error in a high-profile blog post? It feels silly right. You probably make fun for a while and then swears for the writer who made that mistake. It is true that mistakes can be made. However, typo mistakes are the one which can really make you an element of memes.

I am sure, you don’t want to be a part of that. Check your content thoroughly. If it is possible you can hire a proofreaders and make sure that your content is error-free. When it is done, you need to check for links you are using in the post or content. They must be linked to right anchor text. Make note of these points for your future references,

  • Your content must be free of grammar and spelling mistakes. Grammar is not yet a ranking factor but sooner or later it does reflect on the bounce rate of a website.
  • Make sure that you link your post to right and relevant links. You can cite sources and always make sure to give credit whenever you take reference. It is good for SEO.
  • Cross check the facts you cater to your audience. The facts must be up to date and there mustn’t be any flaw. Stats are good for a website’s bounce rate only if they are correct and up to date. Outdated Stats are like Monday, nobody likes it.


Tip #4: Don’t Stuff Keywords, Use LSI

When you start content marketing with keywords and user intent research, it doesn’t mean that you will fill the content with keywords to target. Just imagine you read a content about SEO like this,

“SEO is one of the most important parts of Digital Marketing. With right SEO Techniques your website will be able to gain high SEO rankings. These SEO ranking will reflect your credibility of the website and since it gains more traffic, you will be on the top of the SEO rankings.” That does read awful, isn’t it?

What is the solution?

Latent Semantic Index aka LSI. It is a wonderful technique to make use of words that are related to your target keyword. Brain Dean also agrees with this concept which is why he is one of the top influencers in SEO and link building. Make use of LSI and cater relevant, informative and quality content to stop the viewer for longer durations. Let’s have a look at the actions you can take to decrease bounce rate of your website,

  • Use Ctrl + “F” in your editor and look for the number of keywords you have used. If it is already overused, then replace it with a proper contextual synonym.
  • With Rankbrain Update, Google is apt in understanding the related words. So make use of LSI words and keep high rankings with better UX engagement.
  • Do not force keywords in the image’s alt text and caption. Use them naturally or use LSI (Here as well).
  • Don’t be awkward in the first 200 words of your content. Over usage of keyword will throw your users away in a flash.


Tip #5: Mention Some Influencers To Gain Credibility

An influencer is an influencer because they can influence people. [Confusing right? That actually served the purpose!!!] Let me give you an easy explanation. Influencers are those persons who already have a huge audience ready to follow their lead. Mentioning them in your content will give you a sort of common ground with your audience.

It highlights that you are pretty updated with the present ongoing trends in your business niche. It also makes your readers acknowledge your actionable tips as they are influenced by the same influencer.

How can you mention influencer in your content? Have a look at these points, 

  • If you are writing a tutorial, you can mention how these influencer practices and do the task. You can also mention their ideas and concepts and how they can be materialized.
  • You can also mention any popular technique used by the influencer then giving your own ideas. Twisting their popular techniques will definitely add value to your content and will stop viewers from bouncing off from your content.


Bonus Tip: Timed Content Is A Bliss

Jeff Bullas always emphasize on one quote, “In The Online World, Timing Is Everything”. What is the value of a Content if it is not seen by your viewers? Worthless!!!

Time your content perfectly and then make sure that it gets the hits it deserves. Facebook posts are said to be perfectly timed if posted around 1-3PM. You can have a look at this exclusive time guide presented by CoSchedule.

Find the time on which you can get the most of your targeted audience and since you will get things right after these tips. There is no going back and success will be yours. All you need to do is, “Do The Right Thing”.

Author : Sarah Clarke

Sarah Clarke works as a writer for Media Fortress, an SEO Agency offering cost effective search engine optimisation services in Gold Coast. She is a web addict and spends too much time in front of the computer. When she actually manages to get away for more than 10 minutes, she is usually reading books, traveling or shooting photos

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