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5 Excellent Reasons Why You Should Choose PHP for Web Development

PHP has gained huge popularity in the present times by being  customizable yet easy to maintain web designing and development platform. Being an extremely favored server-side scripting language, PHP is being used for developing feature-rich websites having top-notch functionality. The creation of dynamic, interactive, reliable, secure and efficient web pages provides multifarious benefits.

A well-designed and maintained website is the need of the hour. In order to develop websites that boost visibility and help achieve business goals, PHP is the first word that strikes the mind of a proficient web developer. The clean coding structure and compelling codes have made PHP the favored language for web applications that run successfully on the web.

PHP comes with an ample number of benefits which not only save the overall web development time and money but also offer an ease. Let’s discover the top 5 reasons which suggest that choosing PHP for the web development is the right approach.

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  1. Flexible and Dynamic:


Being an encrypted language which is easy to secure and full of dynamic yet flexible features, PHP programmed web applications, offer the greatest flexibility compared to any other programming language. Its flexible features can be customized to meet the present day web development needs. Also, an open source language like PHP can be used to write code and combine with different libraries for incorporating other special effects. It can be combined easily with dynamic libraries as XML and graphics.


When it comes to measuring its aspects in terms of compatibility and scalability, PHP is considered the best technology as it can flawlessly be deployed on almost all web servers including Apache, Caudium, Microsoft Internet Information Service (IIS) and so on. For all those businesses, who are looking forward to applying custom business requirements, PHP is the most favored choice to rely upon.


  1. Accessible to different Content Management Systems (CMS):


PHP is completely accessible to all CMS programs and can help assist web developers to match the needs of clients. In order to deliver best-in-class user experience, PHP developed websites are highly personalized in all aspects. This is because, CMS like WordPress, Drupal and Joomla are based on this framework. If you are looking for responsive and world class premium themes, try the ones from D5 creation which is an award-wining WordPress theme provider appreciated all over the world. Designed with the latest coding standards, WordPress themes can adjust automatically on all visual devices.


  1. High Performing:


PHP is a robust programming language and it has an extensive list of core functionality which includes cross-platform adaptability, multi-browser compatibility, secure web apps and so on. Compared to other web languages, PHP is an efficient language which supports all major web servers to deliver high performance consistently. Additionally, it is one of the secure ways of developing a website with an extra layer of security to protect against viruses and threats.


While working with PHP, you get maximum control over the website as it allows you to edit and modify the layout as per the requirements. One of the important reasons to choose PHP for the web development is that it takes less time in loading web pages. The faster loading time helps boost speed. Another major reason is countless and easy to use extensions which make PHP a preferred solution for developing websites with high performance.



  1. Open Source:


Available for free, PHP is controlled by a great community of users who offer technical support. Since it is licensed under general public, the cost of development is highly reduced and most of its related applications like MySQL and Apache Servers are available for free. All you need to do is to hire a PHP developer who can help you redefine your online presence by involving the use of this technology.



  1. Effective Frameworks:


PHP offers a large number of effective frameworks to design a flexible and powerful web portal. Laravel, CodeIgniter, Symfony, Zend and Phalcon are some of the ambiguous and high-performance frameworks built in with high modular characteristics, built-in support, strong community to help organizations create large-scale applications while maintaining high standards of quality and efficiency. These frameworks develop and deliver complex applications and websites in considerably less amount of time.


The major challenge lies in choosing the one that best suits the requirements of any business. These frameworks are suited for projects of varied shapes and sizes and develop applications with integrated support and migration system.


In a nutshell-

PHP is turning out to be the most favored framework for fulfilling web development needs. The reasons mentioned above adds to the value of a website. PHP has a worldwide popularity because of its ability to create dynamic and interactive websites. So, if you want to deliver a secure architecture, solid web core and platform independent web development solution, PHP should be your topmost priority. PHP has facilitated web companies to extend its creativity to the next level which is projecting absolute revolution. When it comes to delivering accurate and desirable results, PHP web development stands forth in the race and lets your business be alive with returning customers and valued clients.

Author : Jason Larue

Jason Larue is a senior PHP developer at PHPDevelopmentServices who is having multiple years of experience in developing websites based on PHP framework. He is proficient enough and holds knowledge in the related domain to create upgraded web stores. He is also passionate about writing informational blogs on the various aspects of PHP web development. All his write-ups are knowledgeable, well-studied, accurate and visionary

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