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Web Design Mistakes

8 Web Design Mistakes to Avoid In 2020

Most of the business entrepreneurs spend their valuable time focused on building an audience, gaining publicity, and offering the best services or products that will benefit their customers.  But why to waste all of your time and money you have gained by adding all this precious stuff to a poorly designed website. This article will describe the Web Design Mistakes and their solutions.

What’s a poorly designed website? All of your off-site, on-site exposure helps you build trust with your readers in order to gain reliable traffic back to your website. However, if your business website is poorly designed that leads visitors to leave your website on the first go because of poor user experience, then certainly your website is a toxic load to your efforts.

Well, there is always a fix to every problem and to resolve this issue in your site you need to improve the quality of your blog or website to promote visitors to stay on your webpage for a longer time to convert them into clients. In 2020, your website design is the thing that influences your business at large. So good web design is an important matter if you don’t want to lose your visitors.

In this highly competitive marketplace, everyone has their own perspective towards the website design. Some people think that good web design is an extremely smooth and fresh look. While others want the web design to be as simple and functional that ultimately serves their business’ purpose. Now to understand this topic in a broad manner let’s go through some of the common website design mistakes that you need to rectify in order to boost the ultimate user experience and gain high revenues out of it. So let’s get started!

Web Design Mistakes

Customers not able to find the right product

Most of the time customers feel annoyed when they experience trouble in searching for any particular item or product on the website. According to the latest reports, it is revealed that a website has approximately 4 seconds of time to offer users with a search option or else, it’s another adding up point to the increased bounce rate. In short, your website search results should provide immediate product discovery to your users. Offering complete information to the users is important, make certain your customers can view products based on size, color, model etc as a type of filter search option.

Poor navigation

Poor navigation is one of the major website design mistakes that you need to avoid in 2020. Navigating a website should always be trouble-free for the user. Untidy navigation can frustrate any visitor on your website and thus make them leave your site.  It is important to systematize the navigation part and sitemaps better in order to serve your visitors in a better manner while exploring your site.

Slow loading page

According to the latest reports, the standard time for a website to load a page in 2-3 seconds time.  If a website is taking more time to load than it is a waste of time. There are a number of factors that depend on page speed, such as internet speed, hosting server, content on the page and much more. Among all these factors, the leading one is web design, which involves a lot of rework as it helps in keeping the page speed up to the mark. In addition to this, make certain your homepage loads much faster as compared to other website pages because Google mainly indexes the home page.

Complex registration form or page

The registration page design is an essential part of website design. Creating it more appealing to look at and simple to fill out with the least amount of complications will not only boost the number of registered users into your business website but also help you to market your products in an efficient manner. As far as the registration form of a website is concerned to try to make the process easy and quick. Try to make things simple as no one likes tough work. If feasible, allow signup using well-liked social media websites such as Gmail or Facebook or Instagram.

Automatic Audio or Video playing

Try to avoid this mistake in your website design as visitors not always like automatic videos or audios. People love to listen to music but on their own terms. There’s nothing more annoying then audio playing suddenly into a user’s environment. Let your website visitors choose when they want to watch or listen to anything by giving them the chance to start and stop the video or audio.

Mobile device friendly

To understand this mistake you first need to differentiate between mobile-optimized design and mobile-friendly design. Well, these terms are different because Mobile-friendly design functions the same way no matter which device you are using the website, on the other hand, the dynamic content is used in mobile-optimized design by correcting spacing and optimizing images. One of the most significant things to remember is that Google now ranks mobile-friendly sites more than desktop-friendly sites in SEO ranking. Additionally, Google has also announced that the search engine giant will start indexing websites based on its mobile version.

Using outdated tools and technology in website

If you are using some outdated tools and technologies on your website then try to avoid this mistake. Gone are the days when developers used flash content in the website development process to make it look eye-catching. Although attractive content looks attractive, using out-of-date technology can cause main eCommerce troubles with search engine crawling and indexing. In a similar way, using an older version of any framework or language can also slow down the presentation of your website. It not only affects your website design but at the same time slowdowns the ranking in search engine results. Hence, it is very important that you discuss this scenario with your website developers to keep up with the competition.

Using poor SEO techniques

Using poor SEO techniques is a very common mistake that most of the business do. To boost potential leads and product awareness in the marketplace, you must take noteworthy steps to spread out your online business internationally. Well, growing business globally is a great challenge and a difficult task. To effectively implement your business strategies to worldwide destinations, you will have to execute the latest SEO algorithms and techniques. In this manner, you will be in a situation to promote your services and product in diverse countries effortlessly.


Without any doubt, designing is a significant part which must be taken into consideration very seriously. If you were careless in any way in designing your website, you will certainly lose your position in the marketplace. So it is quite important to follow the best practices and ensuring that you are focusing on the core elements of the website that can certainly increase its integrity in 2020. So try to avoid these common mistakes in your website design. Do not be scared by the challenges you initially come across on your website. It is only after constant hard work that your customers will identify and support your business in the long run.

Avoid Web Design Mistakes using D5 Creation Themes

We believe this article has shown all the possible web design mistakes which a designer may do during the site design. You can avoid these easily following these recommendations. You can use WordPress as the CMS and D5 Creation Themes for your sites to avoid all of these web design mistakes. D5 Creation Themes are develop maintaining all WP Coding Standards. Fortunately, all these Themes have Fee Versions, too.

Author : Anshul Sharma

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