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Web Design on WordPress – How To Start?

Web design techniques on WordPress can be easy but a little confusing for someone. Several things you need to know before setting up your website on WordPress. If you are wondering where to start web design, this article will answer all your doubts. Learn about it here.

How to start?

Here are some web design rules you should follow on WordPress:

1.  Watch Tutorials

Web design on WordPress tutorials are easily available. These web designing tutorials provide web design guidelines that will help you to conceptualize your website. The tutorials will teach you about all the functions of WordPress, different themes, and you can use plugins to improve your website. Professionals teach you how to start with web designing and how to reach your desired goal. Learn directly from experts with the help of these tutorials. Web design freelance is quite common, and you can take suggestions from such freelancers. Tutorials on web design for dummies are also available.

2. Plan it out

Before you start your work, you need to have a clear idea of what you want. Visit different websites on WordPress and figure out what you like and want in your website. You will realize that every web page has a theme that makes it unique. Decide how you want to design your website and what themes or plugins you would like to use.

Colors, fonts, and pictures used in a website play a huge role in how it will be perceived by viewers. Make sure your page looks attractive. Your web design forum should focus on what type of clients and work you are willing to invite. Web design elements like the layout, typography, and colors used directly influence clients, and it makes a lasting impression.

3.  What should you call it?

Setting up a website starts with selecting the correct domain name. You can select any name you like, you have the full liberty to pick any name that appeals to you. This is an exciting as well as an important part of setting up a website on WordPress. However, make sure that the name is connected with your work and brand. Choose something relevant so that your clients can associate your domain name with your work. Keep the name short and simple to memorize it easily. Choose a name that reflects your work and ideas.

4. Find the right hosting service

Finding the right host for your website on WordPress can be quite puzzling. There are many hosting services online, select a package that suits you. You can also opt for shared hosting. This is a good option because, as a beginner, you will always work on a budget, and shared hosting is pocket-friendly. It is an inexpensive and economical way to avail of a hosting service without burning a hole in your pocket. Find yourself a good host to take your website to the next level. Web design reading can help you find the best host for your website.

5. Use the correct plugins and themes

When you visit different sites and pages on WordPress, you will notice that each website has its distinctive features as the theme and plugins. Before purchasing any packages for themes and plugins, make sure you read about it in detail. You can also check out a web design app for suggestions, or search the internet. Lots of helpful tutorials are freely available. You can also visit the D5 Creation's blog section for authentic and reliable articles on web design, SEO, speed, security, marketing, trends etc.

Study about how the plugins can benefit your website and do not blindly purchase it because it is popular or cheap. The plugins have different features that you can use, before purchasing them, find out how to use those features correctly to improve your website. A good thing to keep in mind is to select plugins that support other plugins. All plugins do not support E-commerce, this can create a problem in the functioning of your website.

Themes play a huge role in every website. We suggest the D5 Creation Themes. You can go for a classic monotone look, a minimalist and sophisticated look, or a bright and vibrant look with flamboyant colors. You can customize the theme according to how you want your website to look. D5 Creation has exciting new features that will take your business to the next level. You can create any kind of design with the D5 Creation Themes for your website. You can find official WordPress approved Free Versions of those Themes, too.

 6. Collect quality content

No one likes a website that is filled with text. People like to see pictures and videos. A picture can draw more attention than paragraphs of text. Therefore, collect good pictures that you can upload on your website as an example of your work. Here is where the role of plugins comes. A good image compressor plugin can upload a picture on your website without deteriorating its quality.

Insert headers and footers on your website. This will make your WordPress site more interesting and exciting. Use these pages to describe how your work and what are the facilities your organization provides. Remember, the more features on your WordPress, the more professional it will look, and clients always trust experienced and professional organizations.

7.  Customize and improve your website

After you have set up and selected your theme and plugins, keep trying out new features with the help of the plugins to enhance and customize your theme. This gives your WordPress website an individuality, and clients will remember your website distinctively. Make tiny adjustments until you are completely satisfied with the website design. Inculcate different web design elements in your websites. Use the D5 Creation theme to make your website look spectacular. Try changing some settings here and there to create new effects on your website.

8.  Back it up

Digital content can be easily lost if it is not backed up properly. Losing important data can be a major setback, especially if you were working for a client. Therefore, you will need a good system that will save your progress and store all your data. Invest in a good backup system to save time.

9. Feedback and reviews

This is probably the most underrated advice, but it is extremely efficient and helpful. First-hand knowledge from people who have worked with these plugins can greatly impact your choice and decisions. They have an acute knowledge of how the plugins work and what are the pros and cons. Therefore, make sure that you read some reviews or feedbacks on different themes and features before you make up your mind about purchasing something. This will save your money as well as your inconvenience.


Web design for beginners can be quite complicated. You will come across many questions on how to make your website on WordPress successful and how to make it stand out. Following the above guideline will help you build the perfect website for your business.

Happy web design on WordPress !

Author : Ellen Royce

Ellen Royce is a well-known web designer. She has developed immense interest in this field and helps several minds like her to excel in web designing. In this article, she has tried her best to help out those who are willing to try their hands in web design. She also tries her luck in a no deposit bonus game in her free time.

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