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Web Design Trends That a Small Business Needs to Know

Small business owners can strengthen their online footprints by bringing a properly designed website. An impressive and elegant web design that can draw the attention of many people globally. Though we live in a mobile-driven age, a creative website is still a valuable asset for small businesses because it can help business owners communicate with their customers.

It is fair to mention that an engaging and interactive web design that follows the design trends can take the business of any size and scale to the next level. Interestingly, these design trends keep on changing in line with changing customer expectations and evolving web development technologies. Small business owners can provide a high-quality user experience to their customers and stay ahead of the curve with a user-friendly website.

Let’s go through key web design trends that are useful for small businesses. Here we give the top ten design trends but it is better to contact a leading web development and design company to know more about them.

1. Minimalistic Design

In recent years, many internet users have rejected extravagant designs. In today’s mobile-driven age, simple and minimalistic web design is always beneficial. Such web designs can reduce the load time significantly and increase the speed of the website. Small businesses have a limited budget and they want to attract and engage many people on both web and mobile platforms. Websites with minimalistic design can help them achieve this goal because such websites are more responsive in nature. However, the minimalistic design, at times, looks monotonous. Web designers can use shiny colors to avoid this issue.

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Web Design Trends

2. Web Animations

Animations can leave a lasting impression on visitors. Small businesses can show their professional and advanced approach online through digital web animations. A study has shown that visitors are more likely to respond to the page with digital animations. In a way, animations can increase engagement. It directly increases traffic and improves the ranking of the website on the SERPs. Apart from decreasing the bouncing rate and increasing the stay time of visitors, the digital web animations can give the small business a new identity in the web and mobile domains. However, it is necessary to test animations across various devices and browsers.

3. API Integration

API integration can improve the quality of business websites instantly while providing more robustness and better functionality. Usually, APIs are made for adding desired functionality in the business website like social media integration, payment gateway integration, etc. API integrations can make the website highly powerful and if your business is related to eCommerce, then these integrations can enhance the customer experience by providing necessary features and functionality.

4. Parallax Scrolling

The concept of parallax scrolling is designed specifically for mobile devices. It adds depth to the web pages and makes them mobile-friendly. However, this technique is not considered great from an aesthetics viewpoint. Also, it makes background images slower than foreground images.

The parallax scrolling can add a sense of animation on the websites and makes visitors stay more on the website. In coming years, parallax scrolling will gain more ground in the corporate web development.

5. Automation

Automation is a considerable option for small businesses. Even if the business owners do not afford to bring automation in their processes at the initial level, technology has made it possible for them to introduce automation in the web design. The web design can work automatically in the customer processes. For example, when the customer selects products or services on the website and enters payment information, the automated process takes all the personal details and stores the same in the backend of the website.

6. Grid-based Layouts

Again, this is a mobile-friendly design. The growing popularity of Pinterest has shown that social media is influencing the web design trends of grid layouts. Many small businesses are taking advantage of the grid layout trend, but here it is fair to mention that all sorts of enterprises may not take advantage of grid-based layouts. This type is mainly useful for eCommerce business, however, many B2C businesses can consider this design.

7. Inspired by B2C Design

We have mentioned the eCommerce and B2C businesses above. Web design improvements in eCommerce can enhance the customer experience. However, in recent years, we have witnessed a paradigm shift from B2B to B2C, the web designers also keep focus on providing better user experience. The next big wave in eCommerce growth is expected to come as B2B companies will turn to B2C companies, and require all capabilities like productivity and eCommerce demand.

8. Bold Typography

This is not a new design trend, but we expect that it will become more prevalent in the coming years. Small business owners should recognize the influence and power of fonts. Using the right font on the business website can draw the attention of many people. Many small business owners tend to experiment with custom-drawn types. Web designers also come up with creative typography to give a new identity to the brand.

9. Motion Cinema-graph

This concept is useful to make the website livelier and motivates users to do the activity on the page. Cinemagraphs are also lightweight and make the website design more appealing. Usually, they are still photos in which minor movements occur repetitively. It can influence web visitors to interact with the page and take some action in favor of your business. The motion cinemagraph concept will certainly gain ground over the period. 

10. Micro Interactions

Micro-interactions is another important design trend. Simply put, website owners can adopt more interactive elements to increase the micro-interactions. Smartphones require the use of micro-interactions, and therefore, small business owners should include it on the website. In brief, micro-interactions bring life and productivity into the website.

With these trends, 3D videos, infographics, and overlapping of depth elements are some of the other web design trends to watch in the coming time. All these trends are focused on providing an excellent and impressive look and feel. Your business website is a robust online platform to reach out to a huge audience and interact with them. Small businesses can make the most of the online platform by bringing seamlessly-performing websites. 

Author : Robert Jackson

Robert Jackson is a content cum digital marketer at Solution Analyst, a leading mobile application development company. He is an avid reader and likes to remain updated for technological advancements in the domains of web, mobility, IoT, and emerging technologies.

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