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Top 10 Web Hosting Trends for 2020

Every web hosting company is working hard to provide a good user experience. In fact, most web hosting service providers are adopting new features and techniques. That's why it's very important for new web hosting providers to get to know the new trends.

Every year the web hosting industry is coming up with many new trends. These trends include various security features, short term hosting plans, cloud hosting and many others. However, the most important thing is to know which of these trends will matter at present. In this post, I will be sharing some of the new web hosting trends for 2020.

1. Green Web Hosting

Let us first understand about Green Web Hosting. Green Web Hosting is a great step towards energy conservation and environmental pollution by the hosting industries. You may wonder how this is helping the environment?

Website data are stored in data centres. These data centres need a cool environment to keep these data safe and protected. Because the hardware components of the servers release a very large amount of heat. Therefore, the hardware of these servers needs a high amount of electricity to keep them in a well-maintained temperature.

Subsequently the data centres release a large amount of CO2 which is a major cause of global warming. To beat this global warming issue, web hosting companies came up with the Green Web Hosting trend that uses renewable energy.  

2. Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is one of the most useful web hosting trends. The cloud is an idea used in different areas of innovation, and it currently enters the field of web hosting. It stores information over different computers.

Instead of a single server, the data of different websites are stored in many servers. These servers are located at different locations and connected via the internet. The best part of the cloud hosting trend is its scalability. It processes data much faster, and you can access high storage space. In contrast to the run of conventional hosting, cloud hosting is progressively moderate as it wipes out the imperatives of physical servers.

Cloud hosting provides short term as well as long term plans. The virtual servers don't have a specific area, your information is put away in various servers as indicated by your demography. Cloud hosting servers are the most mainstream web hosting trends since it permits a client to get to information from the server from anywhere and anytime.

3. HTTPS as the norm

In Google's ongoing update, it shows the sites that don't contain HTTPS as "Not Secure." And this influences the rating and authenticity of a site in a great deal. In the event, if your site isn't moved up to the "HTTPS" at that point it can diminish your site traffic and rankings in the web search tools.

HTTPS has numerous advantages, for example, it can build the trust of your guests, web crawler rankings, information assurance, credibility, and so forth. As an outcome, it guarantees data security and well-being from web hackers.

HTTPS isn't simply something that is pleasant to have yet additionally an unquestionable requirement nowadays. Not doing so can make you slack in the race, particularly now that there are many web hosting companies are offering free HTTPS.

4. CMS-specific Backup

The most significant thing about a site is taking backup. You can take backup of your site information physically, be that as it may, some hosting companies give programmed backup administration which is an incredible thing. 

In addition, a few organizations are giving this backup administration dependent on CMS. CMS-explicit backup implies it takes the backup of the most significant data from your site as opposed to taking the whole backup.

Many hosting providers take backup in an extremely brief period (hourly premise) and furthermore some of them take a backup when there is a significant change in your site. Accordingly, it utilizes less disc space to keep your backup. So for hosting providers, it is one of the incredible web hosting trends in 2020.

It is very important for the CMS to keep timely backups specifically for the most popular CMS WordPress. WordPress has thousands of Themes and Plugins to design a site easily. You can also take regular Backups for your Premium Themes.

5. DIY Website Builders

The DIY web designer permits you to tweak and deal with your site no problem at all. This is conceivable because of the propelled web designers which empower you to relocate various components to your site. Because of these highlights building and planning a site turned out to be excessively simple and productive as well.

CMS Like WordPress is a powerful tool to develop any type of websites easily. One need not coding knowledge to design their own site with WordPress. D5 Creation has Award Winning WordPress Themes for Corporate, Company, Social Networking, Community, Forum, E-Commerce, Personal, Blog to Multipurpose Themes for awesome Websites.

6. Advanced Security Features

Offering client security insurance is currently more pivotal than any time in recent memory among web hosting providers. An incredible web hosting provider must have the option to give the additional instruments to secure the individual data of clients. Facilitating security conventions, for example, consistency checks for CMS vulnerabilities, the standard SSL confirmation, and scrambled information stockpiling, are currently progressively inescapable.

7. Managed Web Hosting Services

The interest for managed hosting is driven by a few variables. This puts the weight for associations to keep pace with innovative progress. The need to fulfill the demand of managed hosting is due to the absence of appropriate knowledge. In managed services, the provider focuses on smooth running of your site.

8. Pricing Competition

As the need of the web hosting platform increases, so does the pricing war of the companies. The web hosting companies are getting more and more competitive day by day. Hence, with the growing competition, the companies are taking every possible aspect that can be used in strategizing in the market planning.

Price has now become one of the most important factors in web hosting. Audiences are looking for the best web hosting platform at a comparatively low price. This has made the web hosting enterprises lower their pricing plans. Some of the companies have even come up with the monthly monthly plan as well. This is all just to keep their audiences migrating to the other web hosting platforms.

With the monthly plans, there are different types of web hosting that provide different features. With so many categories to choose from, the web hosting business is becoming more and more price sensitive.

9. Offering Additional Services

Providing additional services has become a new trend to attract more and more audiences. There are many companies that are trying to provide something extra that the other companies are unable to do so. This makes your services the first choice for the customers. In addition, it also boosts your brand and service reputation.

With the exponential growth of the new technologies in the webhosting industries. The expectation of the audiences has also increased. To cope with the expectation the companies are coming up with something extra that they can provide to the customers.

10. Targeting the Market

Web hosting companies run solely on the hard work by preserving the old customers and attracting new ones at the same time. It is an universal fact that not one web hosting company can satisfy all the customers out there in the market. So, finding the best opportunity to seep into other’s market can be the best strategy to appeal to the new audiences.

Always look for the opportunity where the other companies are lacking behind. Siege that opportunity to increase your customers count.


The trend is forever your companion, remember this. A regular update of the web hosting trends is especially significant for your future. Utilizing a sustainable power source for information stockpiling, utilizing distributed storage, and propelled security highlights are the most significant patterns that can take your business to the next level. The computerized showcase is ever changing and it will concoct new integral assets and procedures. It is basic to keep these patterns in your mind to stay ahead of competition.

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